The Fishing Life

Lake Record - Fish of a Lifetime!

by Michael Burroughs

I caught the bass of a lifetime on a strike king spinnerbait next to a dropoff. She was laying near some stumps at the ledge. At 13lbs 2oz, I didn't realize it was a lake record at the time. I just wanted to get her back in the water as she was full of eggs and would be spawning soon.

I've fished in Florida with live shiners and caught some big bass but this is my personal best. Thanks for making quality baits at affordable prices, and thank you for a fish of a lifetime!

PS. I still have that white and chartreuse spinnerbait. I never fished it again after that day. Rather than mounting the fish, I made an (8 x 10) picture and the spinnerbait hangs from the corner of picture frame.

Thanks again!!!!!