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George Cochran's Favorite New Lures

George CochranEditor's Note: Fifty-one-year old George Cochran of Hot Springs, Arkansas, has competed in 19 BASS Masters Classics and enjoys fishing Strike King lures. He won the Classic in 1987 and 1996. Cochran won on Lay Lake in 1996 with a total weight of 31 pounds 14 ounces. He has had six career wins and 47 top-10 finishes.

Question: Please name some of the best new lures that you've seen out in the market or in production.

Answer: Well, it's really easy for me to say this, because I had Strike King come up with a new spinner bait that I had a lot of confidence in, and that lure is one of their best sellers to date. Most of the success that I've had this last year (finished sixth in the points) was because of Strike King's new spinner bait called the Quad Shad.

George CochranThe lure is a four-bladed spinner bait, and there's nothing like it on the market today. When the Quad Shad comes through the water, it looks like a school of little minnows. This bait is one of my favorites. And anyone who's bought a Quad Shad and fished it around any kind of cover can probably say that he's caught a lot of fish on it.

Another lure I like is a top-water bait made by Strike King, which I think is one of the hottest lures on the market, called the Spit-N-King. It's been really sensational in the summertime. When you're fishing out in open water over structure, or even around shallow cover, it's been one of the hottest bass producers all over the country.