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More Tough-Weather-Fishing Tactics

More Tough-Weather-Fishing TacticsEditor's Note: Fifty-one-year old George Cochran of Hot Springs, Arkansas, has competed in 19 BASS Masters Classics and enjoys fishing Strike King lures. He won the Classic in 1987 and 1996. Cochran won on Lay Lake in 1996 with a total weight of 31 pounds 14 ounces. He has had six career wins and 47 top-10 finishes.

Question: What are your techniques for rainy weather?

Answer: In rainy weather, top-water baits, buzzbaits and fishing shallow tend to help me. When the weather is cloudy and rainy, I've noticed for 30 years that usually the bass bite better in shallow water. So, any time I go fishing in the hot summertime, and rain's falling, I'll generally catch bass.

Question: How would you fish on a very windy day?

More Tough-Weather-Fishing TacticsAnswer: Windy days can be beneficial if you know what you're doing. On windy days, you always want to fish where the wind's blowing in on the bank like in a pocket or on a point. Usually, wind puts current in the water, muddies the water up and washes minnows and crawdads up close to the bank. I've noticed that when wind is blowing in on a bank, the bass that are on the bank become much easier to catch. Plus, the bass can't see as well because the current dirties the water up. So, one of my favorite patterns on windy days is to fish where the wind's blowing against the bank.