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Grigsby's Secret Tactics

Shaw GrigsbyEditor's Note: Professional fisherman, 46-year-old Shaw Grigsby of Gainesville, Florida, a member of Strike King's Pro Fishing Team, won the gold medal for bass fishing in the Olympics of outdoor sports -- the Great Outdoor Games.

Question: Tell me a secret tactic for using one of your Strike King baits.

Grigsby: The bait that I have just totally fallen in love with this year is the Zulu, which is Strike King's new 3X soft-plastic bait. It is very unique. This bait resembles a soft-plastic jerkbait with a fishy-type body. The way it floats and its durability are real impressive. I fish it like a top-water bait.

The bait is made of this new material called Cyber Flexxx, which is flexible and rubbery. You can just barely move the bait, and it has a ton of action, because it so flexible it looks like it's alive. So I've started throwing it as top-water bait. I just throw it out, let it sit, and then twitch it a few times like I do a Spitting King or a standard top-water bait. But when the bass miss this soft bait, they come back around and hit it again. If they eat it, they mistake it for a live bait and swallow it. I can catch basically every bass that hits this bait.

I rig the bait with a 3/0 High-Performance hook or I'll use a 4/0 hook when I fish with heavy line. But the 3/0 hook is the perfect size for using 12- to 14-pound-test line and letting it float on the surface and twitching it every now and then. I twitch it a few times and let it sit. Fish just think it is a live shad.

Shaw GrigsbyQuestion: Do the fish hit the bait when it stops, or do they hit it when you twitch it?

Grigsby: They hit it both ways. I love the Zulu when the bass hit the Zulu sitting still. But I've had them also hit it when I twitch it. I'll work the bait a few times, allow it to sit on the surface, twitch it a couple of times, let it sit again, twitch it a couple times, and then I'll twitch it on in just like a regular bait. I'll snap the bait. I work the bait like a top-water bait at first and then change off to the jerkbait retrieve. I'll end up catching a ton of bass on this bait.