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Grigsby's Glasses

Shaw GrigsbyEditor's Note: Professional fisherman, 46-year-old Shaw Grigsby of Gainesville, Florida, a member of Strike King's Pro Fishing Team, won the gold medal for bass fishing in the Olympics of outdoor sports -- the Great Outdoor Games.

Question: You just developed a new set of sunglasses called the Shaw Grigsby sunglasses that are produced by Strike King. What makes these different from sunglasses that you can pick up at any supermarket?

Grigsby: Well, of course they have great, great lenses. You'll get really good ultraviolet protection for your eyes, which you must have. You have to have basically 100% ultraviolet blockage and polarization to see into the water to look for structure. You need a good pair of polarized glasses any time you go fishing. We have mirrored lenses combined with yellow basic lenses.

From the back they look amber and from the front they look mirrored. The mirrored finish blocks out a lot of the rays that heat up the glasses and make you feel tired. You'll feel much cooler if you have those mirrored front lenses that reflect the light rays. The amber lenses give your eyes sensitivity. With these lenses, you can see more detail and pick out movement. You can spot grass beds, rock and stumps with the help of the amber lenses.

Shaw GrigsbyQuestion: Do they come with a strap?

Grigsby: Instead of having ear pieces, these sunglasses have a strap that comes around and distributes the weight perfectly, eliminating nose pressure, temple pressure and pressure from the ear piece hooking around your ear. The soft-sided strap really feels wonderful and takes that pressure off your nose.

Most sunglasses push down on the bridge of your nose, and if they don't fit just right, they'll cut into your temple and give you a headache. Or, the hooks behind your ears can give you a headache. The soft sides distribute the weight so that you don't even know you are wearing them. It is just a wonderful concept in sunglasses to not have ear pieces, plus the strap makes the sunglasses fit anybody. You just tighten up the strap in the backside, or you can wear them loose.

Question: Now, these sunglasses help you with sight fishing, correct?

Grigsby: Yes, they help sight fishing and fishing in general, and it doesn't matter if it is pouring down rain. That is why I like the amber lenses because I tend to wear them the moment I get into the boat whether it is early morning, late evening, overcast, cloudy or rainy. The sunglasses protect my eyes from bugs, baits or anything that may fly by and hit me in the eye.

Shaw GrigsbyPlus, the glasses allow me to see little details in the water, like a darker spot. I know that those darker spots are probably grass or limbs or something underneath the water. And the fish will key in on those spots. So even if I'm not sight fishing, I'll wear those sunglasses to protect my eyes from the ultraviolet rays, from the sun, from flying objects and to see the subtle differences in the water which hold fish. If you ever see anything that is a little darker or a little lighter, make a cast at it, and you may catch a bass.