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Brauer's Tips For Fishing A Jig

Denny BrauerEditor's Note: Denny Brauer, 53, of Camdenton, Missouri, has competed professionally for 23 years. He won the BASS Masters Classic in 1988 and has had 61 Top 10 finishes. A long-time avid angler of Strike King Lures, Brauer also has helped Strike King design some of the company's lures.

Question: You helped develop the Strike King jig and bring the jig to the forefront of fishing. Why are you such a big fan of jigs?

Answer: Well number one, I fish for big bass. You need to catch bigger fish to win tournaments. Most of the tournaments have a 5-fish limit. Going out and catching 2 pounders very seldom is good enough to win a tournament. The jig appeals to the bigger fish.

The jig is very versatile. You can fish it in all different waters and depth zones. It penetrates some of the places where big bass live -- places you can't get to with a lot of other lures. The versatility of the bait and the fact that it represents a crawfish that a lot of big fish like to feed on makes it my favorite bait.

Denny BrauerQuestion: What makes the Pro-Model Strike King jig different from anybody else's bait?

Answer: There are a lot of things different about the bounce where the rattle is placed.

Question: What is your favorite time of year to catch bass? What are your favorite weather and water conditions to fish?

Answer: I like to fish the pre-spawn. I love to fish stained water and water temperatures between 50 to 60 degrees. The spring is a good time of the year to catch bass.

Question: How do you fish in the spring?

Denny BrauerAnswer: I try to get into the pockets that the fish want to move to into spawn. In other words, I'll start to work into the creeks and pockets and the shallower banks and the flats. This time of the year, you automatically can eliminate almost 90 percent of the lake, which really does narrow down where the big fish are going to move.

If you want to stay on big fish movements in the spring, no matter the temperature zone, you really can target the big fish. That is what I like about that time of the year.