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Jig-Fishing Techniques To Produce Bass

Denny BrauerEditor's Note: Denny Brauer, 53, of Camdenton, Missouri, has competed professionally for 23 years. He won the BASS Masters Classic in 1988 and has had 61 Top 10 finishes. A long-time avid angler of Strike King Lures, Brauer also has helped Strike King design some of the company's lures.

Question: Give me five different jig-fishing techniques that will produce bass at almost any time of the year.

Answer: There are a lot of different ways that you can fish a jig. In the wintertime, I cast the jig on light line and on the steeper rocky banks and bluff banks where the fish are wintering. You just work it like you do a worm or any other bait -- fish it on very light line. I normally fish it on 12- or 14-pound-test line, which is fairly light for me.

Denny BrauerThen, when the fish start moving toward the spawning areas, I'll fish targets with the flipping stick while using the flip-it and pitch-it technique. In the summertime, I'll go back to casting the jig and fishing in deep water on structure. I really buck it off the bottom. I sweep it to try and get that jig to jump anywhere from 5 to 10 feet off the bottom. You get a lot of reflex strikes that way.

In the fall, I'll swim that jig around boat docks and structures because so many baitfish are up on top of the water. Those jig fish suspend on targets and ambush a lot of the baitfish. If you're swimming a jig, you're gonna be in the same striking distance as those fish.