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Brauer's Spinner Bait Tactics

Denny BrauerEditor's Note: Denny Brauer, 53, of Camdenton, Missouri, has competed professionally for 23 years. He won the BASS Masters Classic in 1988 and has had 61 Top 10 finishes. A long-time avid angler of Strike King Lures, Brauer also has helped Strike King design some of the company's lures.

Question: Do you also like to fish a spinner bait?

Answer: Yes, spinner baits work great on the banks.

Question: Can you give me some tactics for using spinner baits?

Answer: In dirty water, I'll use either a big Colorado or an Indiana blade spinner bait. Those spinner baits will disturb a lot of water in the 50-to 60-degree range. Once the water warms up, I'll move the spinner bait real fast and go to a bank with an Indiana blade.

Denny BrauerIn grass I'll go to a 3/4-ounce Strike King spinner bait. I'll use only one blade on that bait. I'll probably just put a No. 5 willow-leaf blade on it and fish it that way down through the grass. In the fall of the year, I'll downsize the blades on my bait. I'll work the spinner bait real fast once again through baitfish and kill it as I work it through the bait.

Question: Tell me about your five favorite crankbait lures.

Answer: Series 1, Series 3, Series 4, Series 5, and Series 6 crankbaits are my favorites. The Series 1 crankbait is probably my most favorite. This very small bait works real good around wood cover. The crankbait falls right in with the style of fishing I like to do, which involves starting on shallow targets.

The Series 4 resembles the Series 1, but the Series 4 has a bigger body size, and it probably ranks as my second favorite. I like the Series 3 crankbait when the fish are a little finicky and the water is still cold. The Series 3 works especially well on riprap banks.

Denny BrauerStructure-wise, the Series 6 is a tough bait to get down there where it needs to get. That crankbait runs very true, it deflects through cover real well, and it has a great sound chamber in it. I primarily use those five crankbaits. Once in a while, I'll use a Diamond Shad type bait, and I'll strictly buzz it in over grass.