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How the Pros Helped Him Fish Better

Kevin VanDamEditor's Note: I'm glad you came to visit Strike King's webpage to learn better tactics from Strike King pros. Let me tell how other pros have helped me fish better.

To learn how to catch the most bass in the shortest time, regardless of where you live and where you fish, listen to the bass-fishing pros. You can learn from the best when you listen when the pros speak at seminars, watch videos produced by the pros about their techniques, read magazine articles and, watch television shows that feature the pros.

In the first tournament I ever won while fishing on Lake Lanier in Georgia, I used a tactic I'd gleaned from watching Jimmy Houston on television. To win the tournament, I had to make a number of casts to the same target with a spinner bait. When I came to a log where I thought a big bass might hold, I made four or five casts down the log. But I didn't get a bite.

Kevin VanDamI had decided to give up on casting to the log. However, then I remembered seeing Jimmy Houston on television fishing a spinner bait down beside a log where he'd made the same cast numerous times before finally catching a 5-pound bass. Houston's tip taught me that I often had to make multiple casts at the same piece of structure to get a bass to bite. Therefore, I continued to cast to that same log five more times.

On my eleventh cast, I took the bass that helped me win the tournament. If I hadn't seen Jimmy Houston's TV show, I probably would have quit five casts short of winning the tournament.

I personally think that if you want to fish like the best, it only makes sense for you to learn from the best. I consider David Fritts one of the best crankbait fishermen in the nation. He's taught me how to stay in better contact with my bait as it works along the bottom or through brush. Fritts has showed me that when you're cranking you need to use a low-stretch line and a high-quality rod to help you feel the bottom better.

David FrittsWith this line and rod combination, you often can feel the structure before the bait gets to the structure. This information lets you know how to work your bait to bring it through the cover without getting hung up. If you fish with a sensitive line and rod, you can feel when the bass takes the bait, even if the bass bites lightly.