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When Color Counts

Chad BrauerEditor's Note: Chad Brauer of Osage Beach, Missouri, son of famed fishing pro Denny Brauer, has grown up in a fishing family. Brauer can't remember a time when he hasn't fished for bass and hardly recalls a time when he hasn't fished competitively. Brauer, a Strike King pro for the past six years, has made a name for himself on the professional bass-fishing circuit.

Question: Tell me about a time when you learned that color counted in fishing.

Answer: I was fishing a tournament on the North Carolina/Virginia border. While practicing for the tournament, I was pitching a green/pumpkin Strike King Elite Jig and a black-and-blue Strike King Elite Jig around the docks. I was trying both a 1/2-ounce and a 3/8-ounce jig, depending on whether the day was cloudy or sunny. I was doing fairly well on these jigs during practice, but then when the tournament started, the days were extremely cloudy.

Chad BrauerSince the lake wasn't a really big lake, the docks received a lot of fishing pressure, not only from the other contestants but also from local fishermen. For fun during the tournament, my dad and I were both trying to determine how we could fish behind other fishermen and catch bass they weren't catching. We both decided to try the Strike King Electric Blue Jig because this was the first year that Strike King had produced the Electric Blue Jig, and we knew that very few anglers had one.

Every day we fished the weather was cloudy or rainy, and the water was extremely clear. We did really well in the tournament, using the electric-blue color. I finished near the top during this tournament, and I think it was the Strike King Electric Blue Jig that saved my season.

Question: What made you know that it was the color that saved the day?

Chad BrauerAnswer: I had two really bad tournaments before going to this lake. I'd learned on cloudy, rainy, overcast days on clear-water lakes with lots of fishing pressure that the Electric Blue Strike King Premier Elite Jig paid off. Now that I've seen the advantages, you won't catch me going to any tournament without one of the jigs this color.