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The Key To Davis' Success

Mark DavisEditor's Note: Thirty-eight-year-old Mark Davis from Mount Ida, Arkansas, has fished professionally for 17 years. He won the BASS Masters Classic in 1995 has won three Angler-of-the-Year titles and ranks as the No. 2 angler in the world on

Question: What has been the key to your bass-fishing success?

Answer: I think versatility has been the key to my success. I fish with a lot of different lures and know how to keep up with the bass.

Question: Is versatility something that you've learned over time, or have you always been versatile?

Answer: I think versatility is something I've learned over a period of time. I guided fishermen for 15 years, too.

Question: Was losing weight the key to your success?

Mark DavisAnswer: Yes, it was. I lost about 150 pounds in 1994. The next year I won the Classic and Angler-of-the-Year title. So I sincerely believe that losing weight was a big help to my career.

Question: Did you lose weight in an effort to improve your fishing?

Answer: Yes, I did.

Question: What has been the biggest change in your fishing ability, and why did it happen?

Answer: The biggest change in my fishing ability is probably what we just talked about -- losing weight. My ability mentally was there, but physically I didn't have the endurance I needed. Losing the weight really helped me to get focused and back on track.

Question: Other than endurance, how else did the weight hinder you?

Mark DavisAnswer: The endurance and the mental aspect of fishing all work together. If you don't feel good about yourself and your abilities, then you don't think well. If you don't think well, then you don't fish well, and you don't make good decisions. The mental part of fishing directly relates to the physical part of it.

Question: How much did you weigh at your biggest?

Answer: I weighed about 390 pounds.