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Davis' Favorite Lures

Strike King LuresEditor's Note: Thirty-eight-year-old Mark Davis from Mount Ida, Arkansas, has fished professionally for 17 years. He won the BASS Masters Classic in 1995 has won three Angler-of-the-Year titles and ranks as the No. 2 angler in the world on

Question: What are your favorite Strike King lures, and how do you like to fish them?

Answer: My favorite Strike king lure is a Series V crankbait. That bait works in a variety of situations. I fish it from 8- to 12-feet deep, depending on the line size. I like to fish it over deep, submerged vegetation, like outside grass lines, stumps and points. I also like to fish this lure over manmade brush piles and around standing limbs. I like to fish that Series V in a crawdad pattern with crawdad colors over steep, wind-blown rocky banks. I also like to fish ledges, drops and structure with that lure.

Question: What is the most difficult aspect of being a tournament fisherman, and how do you overcome it?

Answer: Well, there are several difficult aspects. Becoming a professional fisherman can put a lot of financial strain on you. Getting established is hard for most guys. Too, a lot of people don't realize the brutality of the sport. People think you're just out there sitting in a boat, having fun and drinking soda pop. But tournament fishing is very physically demanding. The time away from home really wears on you, also. It puts a strain on your family life. I guess to sum it up, the hardest part for me are the days I spend on the road.

Strike King LuresQuestion: How many days are you on the road a year, or how much are you gone?

Answer: I'm gone about 175 to 200 days out of the year. I do a lot of bass-fishing seminars in the spring. I live a fast-paced life. You can't slow down. You have to keep going.

Question: How long do you think you'll keep this lifestyle?

Answer: I'm 38-years old. I hate to think I'll still be doing this when I turn 50. I'll probably keep it up another 10 years or so.