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Spittin For Redfish

Shaw GrigsbyEditor's Note: Shaw Grigsby of Gainesville, Florida, won a gold medal in the ESPN Outdoor Games for fishing in 2002. He's qualified for the BASS Masters' Classic nine times and has won eight B.A.S.S. tournaments and four invitational tournaments. He's also the host of the "One More Cast" TV show on TNN.

Question: Have you had any salt-water experiences with Strike King baits where a lure saved your day of fishing?

Grigsby: Absolutely. I was fishing on the East Coast of Florida around the Cape Canaveral area. My guide was Shawn Foster. He's accustomed to catching 30-, 40- and 50-pound redfish. He may be one of the best redfish anglers I know. I wanted to see how these Strike King baits would work on redfish.

Shawn said, "To catch redfish, you've got to have some really big baits," and he held out a handful of lures that were really big and bulky. I said, "I really want to try Strike King's Spit-N-King -- a little lure about 3-inches long that spits, darts back and forth and has a really erratic movement. This was before Strike King developed the Spin-N-Mullet.

Strike King Spit-N-KingThe first spot we went to was an oyster bar with rocks on the shore line. Foster started throwing his big top-water lures, and I cast behind him with my little Spit-N-King. I had only twitched the bait about three times when I saw this big wake coming up behind the bait. All of a sudden, I caught this huge redfish. Then I caught three more really big redfish on the next three casts.

Foster couldn't believe that those really big redfish would take that little Spit-N-King. He was so convinced about how effective that little lure was that he asked me to leave him a sackful of them because he had a redfish tournament to fish that upcoming weekend.

Shaw GrigsbyThat little Spit-N-King made the day because I was fishing with one of the top redfish fishermen in the nation, and he was so totally convinced that you had to have really big top-water lures to catch big redfish that he wouldn't even consider fishing with my little Spit-N-King until the bait proved him wrong. But then when he saw the redfish-catching ability of the Spit-N-King, he didn't just want one, he wanted a sackful.

This lure has a lot of action; it makes a lot of noise; the redfish can locate it easily; and redfish can get this lure in its mouth. So, on this day, not only did the Spit-N-King save the day, it gave me an opportunity to say - "I told you so."