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Series 3 Crankbait Saved the Day And The Tournament

Shaw GrigsbyEditor's Note: Shaw Grigsby of Gainesville, Florida, won a gold medal in the ESPN Outdoor Games for fishing in 2002. He's qualified for the BASS Masters' Classic nine times and has won eight B.A.S.S. tournaments and four invitational tournaments. He's also the host of the "One More Cast" TV show on TNN.

Question: Tell me about another time when Strike King saved the day.

Grigsby: I was fishing a tournament in Monroe, Louisiana. I'd been catching a few bass flipping and pitching, but I was really struggling to try and catch fish. I knew I needed to catch a limit of bass if I was going to get a check in this tournament. I had four bass in the boat, and I just couldn't seem to get that last bite to make my limit.

The tournament was almost over. I was racing my boat back to the weigh-in site. When I came out of the creek that I'd been fishing and on to the main river, I looked over at a point and said to myself, "That ought to be a place where the bass are hanging out." I was running out of time. So, I just quickly grabbed a rod with a Strike King Series 3 chrome black-back crankbait on it. I knew I had only a minute or so to fish if I was going to get to the boat ramp in time to not be disqualified. But I decided to spend my one last cast on this point.

Strike King Series 3 CrankbaitI made the cast and started to reel the crankbait down. My rod got almost jerked out of my hand. I caught a 2-pound largemouth and barely had enough time to unhook it and put it in the livewell to get back to the boat launch. That fish saved my day and allowed me to take home a check from the tournament that I wouldn't have taken home had it not been for the Series 3 crankbait.

That chrome black-back Series 3 crankbait has always been my fall-back bait, especially in the fall of the year.That bait has allowed me to go down almost any bank anywhere in the country and catch fish after fish after fish on it. When I'm in trouble in a tournament, that's my go-to bait. When I don't have much time to fish, and I have to catch a bass quickly, I'd rather be throwing this bait than almost any other bass bait in my tackle box. In this tournament, that bait saved the day.

Remember, crankbaits are very-versatile lures. They can be fished slow, fast, shallow, deep in open water or in thick cover, over grass and along rocks or logs. There is hardly any place you can't work a crankbait. I believe that if you fish a Series 3 crankbait, you can cover most depths that you want to cover. I think that because you can fish this bait relatively fast, you can often trigger strikes that you wouldn't get if you were catching a slower bait.

Shaw GrigsbyMy favorite retrieve is what I call a burn-and-stop retrieve. I'll reel the crankbait really fast, stop the bait for less than a second, and then reel it really fast again. I'm convinced the fast retrieve causes the bass to chase the bait. Then when you stop it, they can't help themselves; they just have to eat it.