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Keep Old Lures For Success

Editor's Note: Thirty-one-year-old Mark Rose of Marion, Arkansas, has fished professionally for about 3-1/2 years. In the past, he worked as a district executive for the Boy Scouts of America's national office. He went pro with Strike King about 3 years ago. Although he's never won a tournament, he proves his consistency and determination by always finishing near the top.

Question: What is another weird tactic you like to use?

Rose: I have a little trick I like to do with my diamond patterns. It's not really a secret because there have been a couple of articles written about it, but I like fishing a Strike King Diamond Shad in the fall. In the fall of the year, your shad have a little bit more of a pale look to them, so I take a chrome-and-blue-bass Diamond Shad and scrape all the paint and the chrome off the side. The effect is a little sparkling on the belly and on the back. I think the bass don't see that color very often.

Question: Tell me about a time where you kept an old lure instead of throwing it out, and it helped you place in a tournament.

Rose: About three years ago, I was fishing my regular chrome- blue-back lure, and after I caught about 30 to 40 fish on it, it got marred and discolored. However, as I was about to take it off my rod, I realized that it seemed like the more marred it got, the more fish I caught. To test my hypothesis, the next day of the tournament, I put on a brand new lure, and I didn't get near as many bites. I realized that my most success came when I used my old lures. So I tied it back on and realized that it was a gold mine, rather than simply an old standby.

Question: Can you give me another example of a tournament where a tactic like this helped?

Rose: Earlier this year in the spring at Lake Wheeler in a FLW Tournament, I finished sixth in that tournament. I caught just about every one of my bass on a chrome-blue-back Diamond Shad that I had scraped the paint off of.

Question: Did any of the other anglers catch on to your secrets?

Rose: I don't know if they are willing to put a knife to a brand-new lure or count on a old lure to save the day. I'm just doing what has worked well for me in the past.