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Spinner Bait With Copper Blades

Editor's Note: George Cochran of Hot Springs, Arkansas, a longtime member of Strike King's Pro Fishing Team, has won the BASS Masters Classic twice and has qualified for this World Series of bass fishing numerous times. Cochran has proved he's one of the best shallow-water anglers in the nation. Many fishermen consider Cochran the master of finding overlooked places to fish and using under-utilized tactics to catch bass. Today we're going to talk with Cochran about one time when Strike King saved the day for him.

Question: Tell us about another time Strike King lures saved the day.

Cochran: Another time a different one of the Strike King baits saved my fishing day was in Cincinnati, on the last day of the Classic held there. I'd been catching my fish on a worm and a tube.The last day of the Classic was really windy, with 20- to 30-mile-per-hour winds, which making worm fishing very hard. I knew I was in an area where there were some fish. The water was muddy, and I sat down in the boat and looked through my box.

Quite often I look at all my lures, thinking about how I can catch bass with them. And generally when I can't worm fish, I'll throw a crankbait or a spinner bait. On this last day of the Cincinnati Classic, I spotted a chartreuse Strike King spinner bait on which I'd put copper blades. Since I liked to fish this bait in muddy, dingy water, I tied it on. I didn't have but a few hours left to fish. And I went from 10th place to 6th place. Pulling that Strike King spinner bait out those last few hours saved my day.

Two years ago in Nashville, Tennessee, on Old Hickory Lake, Strike King saved my day once again during the last day of a tournament. On the first couple of days, I'd been catching fish on a Strike King tube, a top-water bait and a buzzbait. I had about a 1-mile stretch of creek I'd been fishing, flipping a tube around stumps and logs and throwing a buzzbait in real shallow water.

I was catching bass. Going into the last day of the tournament, I was in about 5th place. That last day, I fished everywhere I'd been catching bass and caught one fish. With only a couple more hours left to go in the tournament, I began to think about what I could do. I knew where the fish were.

Strike King had just come out with the little Series 1 crankbait, and I decided to try it. I tied on a shad color Series 1 with a green back and white sides. I went right back through the same area I'd fished slow earlier but hadn't caught anything with the other baits. The first pass I made, I caught a limit of bass. The next pass I culled one or two.

I finished 2nd in this tournament. I almost won the tournament by picking up the Strike King Series 1 crankbait, on the last day, in the last couple of hours. I'll never forget it. Since that day I bet I have won $100,000 on Series 1 crankbaits. That day made me a believer.