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Cochran's 1/8-Ounce Buzzbait

Editor's Note: George Cochran of Hot Springs, Arkansas, a longtime member of Strike King's Pro Fishing Team, has won the BASS Masters Classic twice and has qualified for this World Series of bass fishing numerous times. Cochran has proved he's one of the best shallow-water anglers in the nation. Many fishermen consider Cochran the master of finding overlooked places to fish and using under-utilized tactics to catch bass. Today we're going to talk with Cochran about one time when Strike King saved the day for him.

Question: Tell us about another time Strike King lures saved the day.

Cochran: I was in a terrible tournament and had caught fish on a spinner bait and a crankbait. This tournament paid the top 40, but going into the last day, I was placing somewhere in the 60s. I knew the only way to have a great day was to really get in some good bass. But by 11:00 a.m. on the last day, I still hadn't caught any fish using spinner baits or crankbaits. I wasn't sure if I wasn't around the fish or if I just wasn't throwing the right lures.

I came around this point, at a shallow-water bay and could see bass breaking. I threw a few different top-water baits and a floating worm and still didn't get a bite. I threw a minnow-type bait and still couldn't get a bite. So I started looking in my boat. I spotted a little 1/8-ounce buzzbait that Strike King had just come out with that I'd picked up at Wal-Mart.

I'd never even thrown the bait before. I tied on the buzzbait and started throwing it in the pocket. It threw like a 1/4-ounce bait, and I caught a nice string of fish. My partner didn't have anything smaller than a 1/4-ounce, so he was throwing a 1/4-ounce Lunker Lure. He only had four bites and never hooked any of the bass. I had 12 bites on my 1/8-ounce Strike King buzzbait and caught 11 fish.

The 1/8-ounce Strike King buzz bait matched the little minnows in that pocket. I had a field day. Strike King had, once again saved my bacon, with this new little lure. I now carry it everywhere I go. If it's a calm day, and the fish are feeding on little minnows, I guarantee this bait will catch them.