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Cochran and the Spit-N-King

Editor's Note: George Cochran of Hot Springs, Arkansas, a longtime member of Strike King's Pro Fishing Team, has won the BASS Masters Classic twice and has qualified for this World Series of bass fishing numerous times. Cochran has proved he's one of the best shallow-water anglers in the nation. Many fishermen consider Cochran the master of finding overlooked places to fish and using under-utilized tactics to catch bass. Today we're going to talk with Cochran about one time when Strike King saved the day for him.

Question: Tell us about another time Strike King lures saved the day.

Cochran: As you know, bass fishing is like any other sport. When you go into a sporting-goods store, if there is anything new, you have to buy it. That's how I came to own Strike King's top-water bait, the Spit-N-King. I have almost every top-water bait because I love to fish top water. So, when I saw it, I bought it.

I was entertaining one of my sponsors, so we went fishing. On this particular lake, I'd been catching fish on a Pop-R, a Devil's Horse and any other top-water bait. We'd caught a few bass that morning but weren't having the response we wanted. Many of the fish would blow up on our baits but wouldn't take them.

When my sponsor asked me what other top-water baits I had, I told him to open my tackle box and get anything he wanted. He found an unopened Strike King Spit-N-King and asked me if he could use it. I told him I hadn't ever thrown it, and I hoped he caught a fish using it. So he tied it on and fished right behind me.

I was fishing a Pop-R and any other top-water bait I could find. He fished the Spit-N-King. I caught one fish. He caught a nice string of fish. Of course, I only had one Spit-N-King, and I couldn't very well ask my sponsor to give me back my lure. So, he continued to catch bass, and I didn't.

The Strike King Spit-N-King saved my bacon that day. It was doing something none of the other baits had done, and I suppose it was because when you're chugging it along, it spits and really looks like a dancing minnow. That day the Strike King Spit-N-King really made all of the difference, turning an average fishing trip into a great fishing trip.