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Grigsby's Favorite Bass Lakes

Editor's Note: Shaw Grigsby, a tournament bass fisherman from Gainesville, Florida, and a member of the Strike King Pro Staff, competes on many of the national bass-fishing circuits and hosts the television show "One More Cast." One of only four anglers to have won over $1 million in B.A.S.S. career earnings - ranking 4th on B.A.S.S. all time money list - Grigsby has had nine BASS Masters Classic appearances and eight wins. This week he shares a few of his most unusual bass-fishing tactics and answers some of the industry's most-asked questions.

Question: Can you name five lakes, one in each region of the country, that are great places to go and experience a lot of good fishing?

Grigsby: There are so many great bass-fishing lakes around the country. The Southeast is just loaded with superb fisheries. One of the first lakes I think about when I think of the Southeast is Lake Guntersville in Alabama. And in Florida, you should fish Okeechobee and Kissimmee lakes. Texas does such a great job with their fisheries that no matter where you go, you're going to find some great fish in Texas. Many people have heard a lot about Lake Fork, but I probably wouldn't go there first. I'd go to Ray Roberts; that lake is just loaded with fish.

In the Northeast, I like Lakes Erie or St. Clair, but you'll find numbers of great fishing spots in that area. Those are all big bodies of water and great places to have a vacation, but even the smaller bodies of water produce good fish. I honestly don't know if you can wrong in the Northeast. You can go just about anywhere and find fish. I was up at Lake Placid this summer, and the fishing was unbelievable. Champlain is also incredible. It's one of the best fishing areas there is.

Out West, the best bodies of water are the Delta and Clear Lake. They're both stunning for tournaments every year because they're loaded with fish. California has many great fisheries too, but they're usually smaller and very controlled. They may open the gates at a certain time and only let in a certain number of boats. Washington State also has some wonderful places to catch bass. Some of the rivers there home large numbers of smallmouth.

You'll also find good fishing in the Midwest including a real big lake in North Dakota that is wonderful for bass, and in South Dakota I've often fished the Mississippi River. The upper Mississippi is tremendous for bass fishing, especially if you fish the pools below Minneapolis and around that area. This spot doesn't get a lot of fishing pressure, and it has large numbers of smallmouth as well as some good largemouth fishing.