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Some of Grigsby's Favorite Baits

Editor's Note: Shaw Grigsby of Gainesville, Florida, a member of Strike King's Pro Fishing Team, has won a gold medal in the Great Outdoor Games, has fished in nine BASS Master Classics, and has had 40 top-10 finishes. Currently Grigsby ranks fourth in all-time money winnings of professional bass fishermen.

Question: What is your number one bait?

Grigsby: I like the Strike King 3X Zulu. The Strike King 3X Zulu is the hottest bait I've ever used in my life. I don't think I've ever seen another bait I like more than a 3X Zulu. This bait has some really neat properties.

First, it is made out of the Cyberflex. The whole body of this bait wiggles when you move it. It has more than just a little action in the tail. The whole bait from the tip of the nose to the tail actually will wiggle. It has an undulation to it. The bait is so flexible it vibrates down its whole side. The belly of the bait and the top of the bait moves. And it is made out of this material that is just so very lifelike.

This buoyant bait also floats. You can put a 4/0 or 5/0 hook in the 3X Zulu, and it will float. If you put a heavy hook in it and a suspend strip on the hook, the 3X Zulu will suspend, so you can twitch it. You can twitch the soft-plastic jerkbait on top, like a top-water bait. If you put weight on the 3X Zulu, you can work it and have it suspend like a darting minnow under the water. Then when you stop it, instead of it sinking down to the bottom like all other soft-plastic jerkbaits, it floats back to the top. This bait suspends like a lifelike shad that has stopped in motion.

Fish go completely crazy over this bait. They'll hit it with a lot of aggression. So you always get a good connection and a good hook set on these bass. The 3X Zulu is just an amazing bait.

Question: Where and when do you fish the 3X Zulu?

Grigsby: I fish the 3X Zulu mainly in clear-water situations because it is a very visual bait. Again, the fish think it's a live bait. So I want 2-foot to 8-foot visibility. Even with 1-foot visibility, bass see a lot better than we do. The 3X Zulu draws them from 10- to 20-feet away. The bait will draw them from deep water and shallow water.

Like I've mentioned, you can throw the 3X Zulu on top, and it works like a top-water bait. So you can twitch it and let it sit. You even can twitch it hard, and it actually will kind of spit and throw water. Even though other baits look like it, no other baits perform like it.