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Grigsby and 3X

Editor's Note: Shaw Grigsby of Gainesville, Florida, a member of Strike King's Pro Fishing Team, has won a gold medal in the Great Outdoor Games, has fished in nine BASS Master Classics, and has had 40 top-10 finishes. Currently Grigsby ranks fourth in all-time money winnings of professional bass fishermen.

Question: Give me an example of another favorite bait.

Grigsby: What can I say about the 3X soft plastics that has not already been said. The 3X soft plastics are just stunning, and Strike King has a lot of baits out in 3X soft plastics. I actually use each and every one of these. There's no reason to have regular plastic baits except in a tube bait nowadays.

If you look at a 3X soft-plastic lure, you'll see that the buoyancy factor catches the fish. We are going to talk about the 7 1/2-inch 3X Ribbontail Worm. But this discussion will apply to all of the 3X soft-plastic lures. When you Texas rig a normal plastic worm, and throw it out, it immediately falls to the bottom and drags on the bottom. Well, with the 3X Ribbontail Worm, your hook will float. The bait will actually stand up.

You Texas rig the 3X Ribbontail Worm, throw it out, and it will drag on the bottom. However, because it is so much more flexible and so much more life-like, every inch of this bait moves. It will wiggle and move so that you don't have a problem with the tail not bending because the plastic is a little hard or something. This tail is going to have the wiggle, the vibration, the movement and the motion you need, so that when you stop it, it will float. After you throw it, and the water pulls it down, you know the tail will immediately rise. It is alive and will have motion the whole time you let it sit.

You don't want to just move, move, move the 3X Ribbontail Worm. This bait has great swimming action. You can do some neat things with it because of this flotation. With so much buoyancy, you can pull it, stop it and let it sit. Now it looks alive and moving. A fish will bite it because it is alive and crawling on the bottom.

The tail moves and everything floats. Now it doesn't have the resistance of the water pushing it down. It just pulls itself up and goes vertical and will stand on its head with the hook. That action just gets so many more strikes than any plastic I've ever used. I've probably made more money off of tubes, worms and lizards than any other baits. I'll catch more bass on the 3X Ribbontail Worm than on a regular plastic worm. And that says something because plastic worms catch bass at any place at any time.

Another important factor with the 3X soft plastic is durability. I can throw it out, catch a fish on it, immediately put the hook back on and catch another one and another one and another one. I don't have to re-rig because it is so flexible. The bait just doesn't tear up. So instead of catching one fish on a plastic worm or possibly two, now I can catch 10, 20, maybe even 30 fish on one bait. And that is real special. So now I have more time to fish and less time to deal with rigging and redoing all the rest of the rigs. The 3X soft plastic is absolutely the only plastic to use anymore.