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The Strike King Redeye Special

Editor's Note: Shaw Grigsby of Gainesville, Florida, a member of Strike King's Pro Fishing Team, has won a gold medal in the Great Outdoor Games, has fished in nine BASS Master Classics, and has had 40 top-10 finishes. Currently Grigsby ranks fourth in all-time money winnings of professional bass fishermen.

Question: What other bait do you depend on when you're fishing for bass?

Grigsby: I like to use the Strike King Redeye Special. There are so many times of the year when you really want some flash. And there are so many water conditions when you want flash, especially in vegetation in the springtime. And you love having flash in the fall when the bass are chasing shad. Fall is one of the premier times to throw a spinner bait. The fish chase the shad in the backs of pockets.

Strike King has come out with a new Redeye Special spinner bait. These baits have painted blades to make them look like shad. The blade has an eyeball and a scale finish and matches the bait. The Redeye Special is a combination of bait the bass can see and bait that works in both stained water and clear water. So the fish can visually see this bait. The fish can spot chartreuse in the stained water. They can see white in the clear water. They'll hit this bait no matter what water conditions you have.

One of the cool things about the Redeye Special is it has this big, red eye. A lot of bass tend to key in on the eyes of a bait. When a bass strikes a bait, it strikes the head of bait. Almost all predators will do that. Lots of times we have taken red paint and painted the gills, bellies or throats of lures. I've always done that to my baits thinking that maybe the bass will think that the baits are bleeding or injured and a little bit easier to catch.

Red is a key color that bass perceive. I think they know they can catch bleeding baits without too much effort. So they tend to strike on a red bait. The two big red eyes on it really attract the strikes. And of course, bass will hit toward the head of the lure on the hook. You put all of that together in one package, and it just makes it one of the ultimate spinner bait packages out there.

The Redeye Special spinner bait comes in all different sizes. We don't have them in the big sizes. We mainly use the smaller sizes. The Redeye Special is a tremendous spinner bait, especially for the fall of the year when the bass get on the shad. I find them in the backs of pockets where I have to use little baits. Well, I'll pull out my Red Eye Special, and like I've mentioned, the blade looks so much like a shad, the bass will attack.