Strike King News

On the final day of the "Showdown" Greg managed only 6.4 lbs. which was good enough for 8th Place and a $14,000 check.

Greg is off to a good start for 2012 after finishing in the top-25 at the Bassmaster Classic and a top-ten in the first Elite Series event of the 2012 season.

Keith Combs - Photo Courtesy BASS - Steve BowmanMeanwhile, Strike King's Keith Combs also turned in another stellar performance as he finished the tournament in Third Place. This finish was particularly impressive considering hte fact that Keith was way down the leaderboard at number 46 after Day One.

Keith followed on Day Two by moving up to 20th Place with a catch of 16.7 lbs. After bringing in 19.1 lbs. on Day Three, Keith was still moving up and managed to take over 4th Place.

On the final day, Keith brought in 22.11 lbs. and finished in 3rd Place with a total of 71.2 lbs. which earned him a $20,000 payday.

Keith is also off to a fast start for 2012 with a top-20 finish in the Classic and a top-3 in the first Elite Series event of the year.

Congratulations also to Alton Jones, the winner of the 2012 Elite Series St. Johns River Showdown!