Strike King News

Todd Faircloth – 5th
Chris Zaldain – 6th
Andy Montgomery – 13th
Keith Combs – 14th
Mark Davis 20th
Kevin VanDam – 27th
Jonathan VanDam – 56th
Greg Hackney – 84th
James Niggemeyer – 86th
Shaw Grigsby – 88th
Dennis Tietje – 92nd

Also of particular note is the fact that Strike King Pros now occupy 4 of the top 10 spots in the Angler of the Year standings. KVD brings up the lead in 2nd. Zaldain sits in 4th. Combs holds down 7th and Faircloth is in 9th.

Here are some thoughts and comments from our 2 anglers that represented us in the final day top-12.

Todd Faircloth – 5th Place – 39 lbs. 1 oz.

“This tournament was one of those grind type of tournaments where every single bites counts. This event could have easily been decided by one big bite so it was critical to stay focused all day. Every single time your line moved it could have been worth $100,000. That keeps you pretty motivated to stay focused”

“I caught several of my fish during this event on a watermelon Shim-E-Stik as well as a KVD jerkbait. I also caught a few key fish on a Texas-rigged Rodent in the Double Header color behind a ¼ ounce Tour Grade Tungsten weight.”

Chris Zaldain – 6th Place – 38 lbs. 14 oz.

“I spent all week targeting one area for pre, post and spawning fish. This area had a great population of fish and it turned out to be the same area that Skeet won the event in.”

“My game plan was really simple. Every fish that I weighed this week was caught on a green pumpkin Shim-E-Stik. I fished it weightless and I’m convinced that was the absolute to getting the bites that I got this week.”

“I was fishing very slow and employing light line. I was using 8 lb. fluorocarbon and I feel like that offered me several advantages. First off, the light line has less drag in the water and it allowed the Shim-E-Stik to fall vertically. Being able to get my bait to fall straight down to, or beside a target was critical. Second, the lighter line also has less wind drag than heavier line and that also aided in getting a vertical presentation.”
“I was positioning my boat in 8 to 10 feet of water and casting the Shim-E-Stik into 4 to 6 feet of water. I was actually targeting the old shoreline from where the water on West Point had risen 3 or 4 feet during the past few weeks.”

So, there is the low down from our top finishers at West Point. The BASS Elite Series practice begins today on the Alabama River in Montgomery, AL. The actual event begins on Thursday. Stay tuned to , or follow us on Facebook or Twitter for daily updates on the Strike King Pro Team.