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Pro Team Journal on the Outdoor Channel is a fast-paced, educational program that exposes the fishing secrets of the best Bassmaster Elite Series and FLW Tour fishermen. This award-winning show has all the components to help anglers become more successful, and inspires fishermen to spend more time on the water.

In an attempt to embrace the entire North American angling experience and be relevant to anglers everywhere, Pro Team Journal shows are shot from the East Coast to the West, and from way North to the Deep South. A different member of the Strike King pro staff hosts the show each week so anglers can learn from each pro's strengths as they employ their proven methods and techniques.

Show hosts:

Bass: Kevin VanDam, Jonathon VanDam, Denny Brauer, Mark Davis, Todd Faircloth, Mark Menendez, Shaw Grigsby, Mark Rose, Greg Hackney, Chris Zaldain, Andy Montgomery, Luke Estel, Clay Dyer, Billy McDonald.

Crappie: Wally Marshall, Doug Cherry, Jackie Van Cleave, Tim Blackley, Mark Williams

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