Tips & Techniques

Strike King pro-staffer Charles Jones of Jackson, TN won the April 12 BFL on Kentucky/Barkley Lakes with 19.13 pounds, and his weapon of choice was the Strike King Hack Attack Heavy Cover Jig. Here's why:

> "I can tell you it's the best jig I've ever used in rocks. I fished the same jig all day, and did not lose one fish. It's amazing to do that in rocks."

> "I think it's because of the head design – it will slide through rocks more easily than other styles."

> "My co-angler had only 5 jigs and they were all gone by 9:00. I loaned him one of mine, and he fished it the rest of the day – never lost it. He finished 2nd with 15 lbs. He is buying some of those jigs – he is very impressed."

Charles fished the north end of Barkley Lake. His fish were staged in a creek right in front of a spawning flat in 8-10 feet of water. Most of the fish came from rocks in 10-12 feet.

The only fish he didn't catch on that bait was his biggest fish of the day, a 7-01 he caught with a Strike King Burner spinnerbait first thing in the morning.