Tips & Techniques

by Full Limit Outdoor Media

With largemouth bass spawning or about to in many areas of the country, we asked Strike King's pro-staffers on how they find and catch bass during the spawn, starting with Mark Zona of Zona's Awesome Fishing Show.

Mark Zona

"I keep it simple: I search for them with a 1/4-oz Hack Attack Swim Jig in blue craw, with a blue craw Rage Craw for a trailer to emulate bluegills."

"When the fish are locked on it’s a Rage Lizard in double header. DUH!”

Todd Faircloth

“My favorite search bait for the spring time is a 5” Swim’n Caffeine Shad. Pearl blue glimmer and double header red are my favorite colors.

"I like to Texas-rig it with a 1/16- or 1/8-oz bullet weight with a 4/0 offset hook. If I'm fishing grass, I like to use 30-lb Sunline braided line, and if I'm fishing it around wood or sparse cover I like 16-lb fluorocarbon.

“A slow, steady retrieve seems to work the best for me.

“My favorite bait to flip during the spawn is a 5” Ocho in green pumpkin and junebug. I like to rig it with a 1/8-oz Tungsten bullet weight on a 4/0 offset hook and 16-lb Sunline fluorocarbon.

“I try to visualize where a fish may be bedding, and will pitch, flip and cast the Ocho to those spots. I like to pitch or cast past my target and work the bait slowly back."

Keith Combs

“My favorite search baits are a Swim’n Caffeine Shad in green pumpkin pearl on a weighted hook, or if the cover is real thick a KVD Sexy Frog.

“Once they get on beds I like to use a Shim-E-Stik in green pumpkin or junebug, either weightless or Texas-rigged with a 1/8-oz tungsten weight. I can flip or cast it to bedders and the subtle action is magic!"

Andy Montgomery

“When I search, I want a bait I can chunk and reel that can be fished in various types of cover. When I’m searching for fish, I'm typically fishing many different types of places looking for what the fish are relating to. Because of that, a search bait needs to be a versatile bait.

“My favorite search baits are Pure Poison and Rage Blade bladed jigs because they're so versatile. You can fish them in grass, around docks, on rocks or around wood. You can also fish them at various levels in the water column.

“When it comes to baits for flipping during the spawning season, the new Rage Bug is really impressive. It is something a little different the fish haven’t seen, and has tremendous action in the water that really draws aggressive bites.”