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Strike King XDs Dominated the TTBC!

Last weekend's Toyota Texas Bass Classic was won with a world record-setting 110 pounds of bass (15 fish!) by Strike King pro Keith Combs using mostly Strike King 6XD and 10XD crankbaits (also a Strike King Shadalicious swimbait). Well, Keith wasn't the only one slinging those baits.

Here's what the official TTBC website said other pros were using:

2nd: Stetson Blaylock
  • Blaylock caught most of his fish offshore, and caught almost all his fish on a Strike King 10 XD crankbait and swimbaits on jigheads....
6th: Mark Rose
  • Rose [a Strike King® pro] was throwing a Strike King 6XD, Strike King 10XD, a Strike King Shadalicious swimbait and also spooning a little.
  • He was fishing out on some ledges...depths of 20-22 feet were the best.
7th: Randy Haynes
  • Using a Strike King 10XD and other big crankbaits...also used the Strike King Shadalicious and other 6" swimbaits on 3/4-oz jigheads...covering water.
  • Most of his fish were 25-30 feet deep. Haynes said, "I was intentionally trying to fish deeper than most other people, but maybe that's why I caught a little bit smaller fish than the leaders who probably weren't as deep...."
8th: Matt Reed
  • ...caught most of his fish this week on [a big worm] on a 5/8-oz stand-up jighead and a few on a Strike King 10 XD deep-diving crankbait.
9th: Todd Faircloth
  • Todd Faircloth caught 95% of his fish this week on the Strike King 10XD in 20-25'. He was fishing long ridges and high spots way out on the main lake.
  • "Wherever I would catch one, I'd punch a waypoint in and pay real close attention to what angle my cast was. If you could repeat that cast, you could get a school fired up and catch 3 or 4 and then come back at a later time and catch them again – on that same angle."
  • "I noticed that a lot of the fish I caught still had eggs in them. I don't know whether they are going to spawn later or just spawn out there deep – or not at all."
10th: Brandon Coulter
  • ...Coulter's big swimbait was fading by the end of the second day. All the deep fish he weighed were on either a Strike King 10XD crankbait or [swimbait] on a jighead.