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What Greg Hackney Used on Dardanelle

Strike King pro Greg Hackney finished 3rd at last weekend's Bassmaster Elite Series event on Lake Dardanelle, AR, and was only 8 oz out of 1st! Here are the details on the baits he used and how he fished them:

Baits He Used

Greg used 5 different Strike King jigs in that tournament, all of which were 1/2-oz:

Strike King® Denny Brauer Structure Jig

1. Black/blue with black/blue Rage Craw trailer


2. Alabama craw with double header Rage Craw trailer (double header is green pumpkin on top, watermelon red on bottom)


Strike King® Hack Attack Jig

3. Alabama Craw with double header Rage Craw trailer


4. Sexy Craw with double header Rage Craw


5. Black/blue with black/blue Rage Craw


Why He Used the Different Jigs

"With the Structure jig, that head just really comes through rock well," he says, "and that jig really hooks up well on fluorocarbon.

"I was fishing a rock bottom, where a ledge came out and fell anywhere from 12 feet to 30 feet. The fish were bedding on that ledge – I couldn't see them but I know that's what they were doing. I was pitching up on that ledge, fishing it out to the break, and when it fell off I'd reel in and throw it again.

"I'd fish it 10 feet off the bank or out to 25-30 feet depending on where the ledge was."

He used the Hack Attack jig to flip shallow grass mats. "It was floating grass patches and water willow, on the edges – I didn't catch any fish in the heavy stuff. They were relating to edges, I think because of the fluctuating water. Plus dark, cloudy weather keeps those fish on the edge."

"Color-wise it basically depended on water color and cloud cover," he says. Generally it was black/blue for dingy water and craw colors for clear, but not always. We had some really dark weather days, and those times regardless of whether the water was clear or dirty I threw black/blue.

"Predominantly a black/blue jig was the deal. Out of 20 bass I weighed in, about 15 came off black/blue jig."

More on the Baits
  • The Denny Brauer Structure Jig is kind of a cross between a jig you'd ledge-fish with, and a flipping jig. It's designed to go through deep grass – the "cobra" head cuts through grass great.
  • The Hack Attack Jig is designed to go through the heaviest stuff in the water. It's great for punching mats, flipping and pitching heavy cover – you name it. It also has an incredibly stout hook – an exclusive Gamakatsu black nickel heavy-wire hook.
  • The Rage Craw is in our opinion the best craw on the market. It's designed to be Texas-rigged, Carolina-rigged, used in a slither rig, as a jig trailer, and more. It's a very versatile soft-plastic with that Rage Tail action only Strike King has.