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5 Baits You Should Be Throwing Now

Submitted by Full Limit Outdoor Media

Five Baits

Supposing that you live in a portion the country that doesn’t fish through a hole in the ice, or is dictated by a “season”, bass fishing opportunities really never stop. Here in the south, someone can realistically catch bass 365 days a year. I personally know a lot of anglers who prefer fishing during the winter season. They avoid the crowds and often have much of the lake and ramps to themselves. They don’t sweat gallons a day. They can prospect and search via electronics, or by casting and not reveal their secret spots to the rest of the world. Perhaps most importantly, they catch a lot of BIG BASS!

Now, don’t let that first paragraph get you all pumped up to burn a spinnerbait or chuck a topwater around. Fishing success this time of year is typically a much slower endeavor. Methodical presentations with very specific baits and techniques often prevail in the colder water temps of deep winter. With that in mind, here are 5 Strike King baits that you should be throwing on your upcoming trips…

1)   The Tour Grade Bladed Titanium Umbrella Rig – This has basically become a cold water staple throughout much of the country and for good reason. Very few, if any, other baits consistently produce in cold water as well as an umbrella rig. Our offering is titanium which offers a few distinct advantages over it’s stainless steel counterparts. First, the movement is much more fluid and lifelike than that of more rigid models. You can impart a “pulsing” action to the baits that really triggers bites! Second, one of the greatest attributes of titanium is the hook to land ratio. Bass really have a hard time throwing a hook when the titanium arms absorb all the pulling, twisting and surging. It’s the same principle behind a softer rod for crankbait fishing. Third, they just don’t break. Whereas stainless steel can only handle so much abuse before it breaks, titanium is virtually indestructible. Pair this rig with our Squadron Jig Heads (think light. Think 1/8 oz.) and your preference of our Shadalicious, Swim’n Caffeine Shad, or KVD Swim’n Shiner and you’re set! A couple more words of caution; Use HEAVY gear and braided line. Multiple hooks are not uncommon and the bites are often VICIOUS! And, check with your state regulations to determine what is legal in terms of maximum hooks allowed.

2)    The Red Eyed Shad – This bad boy is another cold water must have, especially around vegetation. The ¾ oz. version is perfect for mining deeper grass and bars, while the ½ oz. is the everyday go-to for most lipless fans. Color is a big deal in lipless baits and I guarantee that we have one that lines up with your needs. Also, don’t overlook the all-new Tungsten 2-Tap. Rather than a chamber full of BB’s which emits a frequency rattle, this newcomer has 1 tungsten “knocker” that emits a much lower “thud” that really seems to be the ticket in certain scenarios. The 2 -Tap has been wildly popular on the TN River since it’s recent introduction.

3)    The Tour Grade Finesse Football Jig – This tasty little morsel was designed to excel in cooler, clearer water which is often the case in winter time fishing. It features a small profile and a “crew Cut” style skirt that has been popular amongst finesse jig fisherman for years. Pair this jig up with a smaller trailer such as a Baby Rage Craw, or KVD Jr Chunk and drag it around rocky banks, or boat docks and hang on! The color options in the Tour Grade Finesse Football Jig ensure that you can match your local crawfish hues and/or water color. Lighter line will also greatly increase your bites when casting this jig around, but don’t let that bother you. Big winter bass love this little snack!

4)    KVD Jerkbait – No one knows cold water jerkbaitin’ better than KVD. His Michigan background lent him all the experience necessary to be a cold water jerkbait guru. That distinction is evident in his namesake jerkbait. Available in 2 sizes (J200 and J300), the KVD jerkbait has the perfect combination of roll, wiggle and flash to attract bites from even the most lethargic fish. Plus, it suspends perfectly to appeal to “those” fish that aren’t actively feeding. The casting and diving are enhanced with a state of the art weight transfer system that aids in getting bait a long way out and down to the perfect depth. Make sure that you jerk the bait on a slack line to get it to do what it was designed to do. Keep your eyes peeled for the all-new KVD Deep Jerkbait that will be available very soon. It is the J300 size with a deeper lip and different weight transfer system. It will get down!

5)    KVD 1.5 Flat – This one is perhaps the sleeper of the 5, but is very popular with diehard winter anglers. This 8-foot diver was designed for cold water. It’s flat side design gives it a much tighter wiggle on the retrieve which is key with cold water bass. It casts great and is the perfect size. It is also an incredible smallmouth bait! Crank this dude around your favorite rockpiles and rock banks and get ready for a sore thumb! An inside tip is to throw the color #650, Chartreuse Perch, around on your favorite smallie waters. Just remember that we warned you about the thumb thing!

So there you go gang. If bassin’ is on your mind right now, there are 5 baits that will help you maximize your time on the water. When you put the right baits in the right places, cold water fishing can be red hot!