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What’s New from You Know Who! - Part Two

Submitted by Full Limit Outdoor Media

Last week we brought you the detail on Strike King’s newest soft plastic offerings from the recent ICAST show. If the interaction that we’ve had from anglers, media, and retailers are a good indicator, we nailed it with the new stuff.

This week let’s look at some other new products for 2017.


KVD Popping Perch - There are times as a lure manufacturer when we realize a certain bait is special. The finished product is a thing of perfection that is not easily attained. The culmination of design, testing, and production translates into a bait that exceeds your initial expectations. This is the exception more so than the norm. However, this is the case with all-new Popping Perch from Strike King. Spawned as an idea to create an alternative to frog fishing, the Popping Perch is an incredible new hollow-body topwater that is sure to find a place in tackle boxes and tournament headlines in the very near future.

“The Popping Perch was the brainchild of Todd Castledine. Todd is not only one of the best fishermen I’ve ever known, he is also among the most innovative,” says Phil Marks, head of Strike King’s lure design team. “Todd brought us this idea for a hollow-body topwater bait that was unlike anything on the market. This is a bait that you can power fish with. It walks incredibly easy and wide, but that is not even its best action. The Popping Perch features a unique profile, appealing color schemes, an incredible 4/0 hook, and it is sealed better than any other hollow body bait. It will revolutionize that market,” Marks concludes.

The Popping Perch is perfectly sized to match most forage species and comes in 10 blow up-inducing colors.


Internal Swimbait Head - Ask almost any professional angler what they use across the country. Swimbaits will be near the top of almost every list. The versatility and realness of a swimbait is what makes it special. Strike King is proud to announce their new internal swimbait head, an alternative to traditional rigging methods.

“A lot of folks rig their swimbaits traditionally, with the head of the lure pushed against the jighead. Most of us have caught a ton of bass like that,” says FLW 6-Time winner Mark Rose. “However, I have become partial to rigging my swimbait internally. This not only reduces the “unnecessary” profile of the external head, it cleans up the aesthetics and gets the hook a little farther back in the bait. These things lead to more bites on my Shadalicious swimbait. Also, it’s easy to rig and the premium hook keeps them pinned when they bite.”

The Internal Swimbait Head comes in both 1 oz. and ¾ oz., and is coming soon to a better fishing tackle retailer near you!


Tour Grade Spinhead - The key to a good spinning jig head is attractiveness. It needs to catch a fish’s eye, while still looking realistic in presentation. Strike King has you covered with our new Tour Grade Spin Head.

“The Tour Grade Spin Head allows me to get maximum flash with minimal speed. That matters, especially when you’re fishing cold, clear water for pressured fish,” says Strike King Pro Mark Menendez who has won over 1 million dollars in BASS events. “Strike King built a better mousetrap with the Tour Grade Spinhead. The head design, color options, blade size and hook all combine to make it the finest underspin bait on the market!”

The Tour Grade Spin Head is available in three different sizes (3/8, ½, 3/4 oz.) and three colors.

¾ Oz. Tungsten 2 Tap Red Eyed Shad - Few lures have proven to be more effective at flat-out catching bass than Strike King’s Red Eyed Shad. Our Tungsten 2 Tap model, introduced last year, took that to the next level with its innovative tungsten sound chamber. How could we improve on that? By going bigger, of course!

“The beauty of the 2 Tap is that it’s just a little bit different than the standard. A lot of fish haven’t been conditioned to its double tap sound, and every little advantage helps,” says Strike King pro and 15-time Bassmaster Classic qualifier Shaw Grigsby. “Strike King has added a ¾ oz. version to complement its ½ oz. product, this will be key in scenarios that require fishing a 2 Tap a little deeper, or that call for a bigger profile. The ¾ oz. Tungsten 2 Tap is going to be big deal!”


The ¾ oz. Tungsten 2 Tap Red Eye Shad comes in 20 eye-popping colors and will soon be in stock at better fishing tackle retailers everywhere.

Check back next for the final installment in this series that details the new terminal offerings as well as a couple of “non-bass” baits.