Strike King® Soft Frogs & Rats

There isn’t much more exciting than the explosive and visual strike that you get on a topwater bait, especially frog, toads and rats. No matter your need, Strike King makes a body style that will excel. If you need something subtle, the King Rat is a proven staple. Covering water and locating active fish has never been easier thanks to the all-new and innovative KVD Popping Perch. When bass are around vegetation, the Rage Toad’s unique sound is hard to beat. The all-new Super Toad is arguably the most rounded and easy to use out-of-the-package “toad-style” bait on the market. And of the course, the KVD Sexy Frog is unmatched in design, colors and action. The Strike King line of frogs, toads and rats has been meticulously designed by our pros to offer you the edge in topwater soft baits…….

King Rat  •   KVD Sexy Frog  •  New Popping Perch