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True and Lamastus Top College Field

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Knowing that their primary areas between Paris and New Johnsonville would take most of the day to get to and from with the rough seas, UT Martin anglers Dylan True and Matthew Lamastus decided to start the event in closer proximity to the launch site. This decision was made based on their last practice in which they took the forecasted wind into account. “We decided to practice close one day and really found more of a pattern than a spot. We knew we could start in Jonathan creek that wasn’t too far from Moor’s and have plenty of water that suited what we were looking for” said True, a Junior Ag Business Major.

“We started day 1 in there and really expected to catch about 15 to 16 pounds based on what we caught in practice. Matthew and I felt like that two-day’s worth of that weight range would qualify us for the 2018 National Championship, which was our ultimate goal” added True. “To say that we were pleasantly surprised with the quality of fish that we caught on Friday would be an understatement!”

The duo, who was fishing just their second tournament together only managed to get 6 bites all day long as they combed deep, rock, transition banks in the vast Jonathan Creek. However, the best 5 of the 6 bites pushed the scales to a whopping 25.15 pounds. A huge weight that was well good enough for the day 1 lead. A couple of other local teams caught good sacks as well, including the team of Montilino and Spencer from Murray State University who finished the day in 2nd with a 24.3 pound bag.

Day 2 found the leaders back on their spots in Jonathan Creek, but with little success. “We felt like the spots we found held quality, but not so much quantity. So, after a slow start we ran to another place we found in Blood River. After getting zero bites on what we caught them on the day before, we changed it up and picked up a Carolina Rig. We thought that maybe the water cooling off would make that slower presentation more appealing than the crankbait that we had been relying on”

And they were right. The team ended up only getting 7 bites on the day, but thanks to a last-minute cull on a Series 5 Strike King crankbait, the team headed in with a limit in the box. Their best 5 on day 2 weighed 18.5 pounds.

When the scales closed, the team from UTM had won the event with a 2-day weight of 44 pounds and 4 ounces. Enough to best the second-place team by not quite 4 pounds. True and Lamastus not only achieved their goal of qualifying for the 2018 National Championship, but also headed home with an impressive payday. The team won a certificate for a Ranger Z175 rigged with an Evinrude 90 HP outboard as well as several other prizes from tournament sponsors. All-in-all, the pair won a package valued at over $30,000 for their two-day’s work on Kentucky Lake.

Their primary baits that accounted for the big sack on day one were a Strike King KVD 2.5 squarebill in Chartreuse/Black Back and Series 5 crankbaits in Citrus Shad and Chartreuse Sexy Shad.

The baits of choice to seal the deal on day two were the same Series 5 crankbait in Citrus Shad as well as a Green Pumpkin Rage Tail Lizard on a Carolina Rig.

“Matthew and I knew that we were around fish and we had confidence in the baits that we chose to use. That’s all you can control. The big bites were a little unexpected, but we weren’t surprised. We were throwing the best baits we could on one of the best lakes in the country. That sounds like recipe for a big stringer to me” True added.

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