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ICAST has come and gone. The dust has begun to settle and new product is being shipped to your favorite retailer as you read this. Just to keep you up to speed on what to expect new from Strike King this year, here is a list of the new products that we debuted at the recent ICAST show.

A new product launch for us, and one that we’ve worked for over a year refining, is our new line of Strike King apparel. We have partnered with a trusted manufacturer to produce high-quality garments at wallet-friendly prices. Each of our clothing pieces feature the latest in construction and material technology to provide a stylish, comfortable, durable and affordable option. We are debuting 6 caps, 1 visor, 4 ring-spun cotton short-sleeve tees, 1 long sleeve cotton tee, and a long sleeve moisture management performance shirt. This isn’t cheap, “promo” type clothing. These shirts all feature printed in labels for no tags. Every shirt also comes with a Strike King logo decal on the hangtag.

Now on to wire baits:

The all-new J-Lee Comeback jig is Jordan Lee’s perfect version of the homemade jig that he used in route to the biggest come-from-behind win in Bassmaster Classic history. It is a football head style jig, that features a flat area on the head itself to ensure that it rests in standup position. Of particular note, is the round rubber skirt material and bigger than average skirt which combine to give off a large profile to attract large bass. It is available in 4 sizes (3/8, 1/4, 3/4 & 1 oz.) and 6 round rubber skirt colors.


The Hack Attack Fluoro Flippin’ Jig is the newest addition to the Hack Attack series of baits which are designed by none other than Greg Hackney himself. The Flouro Flippin’ Jig is a smaller profile and different hook when compared to Greg’s previous signature flippin’ jig. It is designed more for clearer water or times when fluorocarbon is preferred to braid. It is built around a 4.5/0 custom Siwash hook. It comes in 3/8, 1/4 & 3/4 oz. sizes and 12 Hackney-approved colors.


One of our favorite new products is the all-new Tour Grade Mag Jighead. Basically, it’s the answer for all your magnum shaky head needs. It has been tested over the course of a couple years by a stable of offshore hammers. It was unanimous that this heard is legit! Available in two hook configurations, both 5/0 and 7/0, the Tour Grade Mag Jighead comes in 5 sizes (1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8 & 3/4 oz.). It features the Owner patented TwistLock screw-on keeper which is sure to hold your Bull Worm safe and secure until it is inhaled by your new personal best bass.


The Tour Grade Belly Blade is one of our favorite new vehicles to present a soft bait to pressured bass. The design of the belly-weighted hook paired with our exclusive Raz-R-Blade, makes this an awesome rigging option for clear water as well as heavy cover. Swimbaits, stickbaits, creatures and more can all be rigged weedless and fished efficiently on the Belly Blade. We offer it 1/8, 1/4 & 3/8 oz. sizes.


Here’s what’s new in soft plastics:

The Rage Tail Menace is one of our most popular soft plastic body styles. At the urging of our pros, customers and Menace fans everywhere, we are excited to debut the all-new Rage Tail Baby Menace Grub. At 3”, it is a whole inch smaller than its predecessor. But, don’t let the small size fool you. It is just as packed with action! This smaller version can be fished as a jig trailer, swam on a jighead or just about anything else that you can imagine. It is one of those baits that gets bites everywhere from everything. It will be offered in 14 colors.


Bigger isn’t always better. Especially in the case of baits. The all-new Rage Tail Baby Swimmer is an obvious example of this point. Following it’s 4 3/4” and 3 3/4” big brothers, this 2 3/4” version is still packed with action. It will be an incredible finesse swimbait offering as well as a killer trailer on multiple options. It comes in 11 colors.


The Supa Fry is the newest member of the KVD Perfect Plastic series of soft baits. It is a 4.5” “french fry” style bait that features very defined ridges that promote its lifelike action. From Carolina rigging, wacky rigging, to drop shotting, the Supa Fry looks insane in the water! It is poured in 17 of our OPT (Open Pour Technology) colors that ensure you have custom bait colors at the price point that you expect from Strike King.


Moving on to hard baits:

The brand-spanking-new KVD 4.0 squarebill is one of the most exciting introductions this year. At 7/8 oz., the 4.0 is a step bigger than the mega-popular 2.5, but dives relatively the same depth. It is the perfect option between the 2.5 and the 8.0. It is small enough to target cast with, yet it’s profile is big enough to make a disturbance and attract scale-mashing quality fish. It is available in 16 popular colors.


Check out our all-new Nude Series of crankbaits if you want a different look, or to add your own custom paint job. 16 of our most popular bodies styles are now offered in the nude (clear) option due to popular demand. The clear bodies also offer an excellent option for gin clear, or highly pressured waters.


What about crappie baits?

All-new from Mr. Crappie for this year is series of GLOW color options. Made famous on the giant-crappie laden, dark waters of Mississippi, glow colors have been one of the best kept secrets of crappie anglers everywhere. Available in the Joker, Shadpole and Slabalicious body styles, there are 5 GLOW configurations to choose from.

mcGlow mcGlow2 mcGlow3

Mr. Crappie has been getting an overwhelming number of requests for the Sausage Head crappie jigs. This head style, akin to a football jig in bass fishing, could be the most weedless open-hook head you’ve ever used. Its design makes it an awesome choice for fishing through and in heavy cover. It will be offered in 1/16 and 1/8 oz. sizes and 5 colors. It features a #2 premium black nickel hook.


If you like to tempt crappie with big baits, the new Mr. Crappie Scizzor Shad is just what the doctor ordered! Measuring a whopping 2 3/8” long, the Scizzor Shad is poison on big slabs. The unique design has an action as big as its profile. The Scizzor Shad comes in 10 Crappie-catching colors!


A few more new things:

We added a new color to our soft plastic line in Swampwater Blue (Color #259). It’s awesome……


There are 3 GORGEOUS new hard bait colors. Green Pumpkin Craw (Color #46), Blue Craw (Color #108) and Brown Craw (Color #447).

ncGPC46 ncBC108 ncBrC447

The ever-popular Popping Perch got 4 new “natural” colors that look insanely good. Natural Chartreuse (#280), Natural Blue (#281), Natural Gold (#282) and Natural Green (#283).

PPnc280 PPnc281 PPnc282


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