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Mark Rose's Favorite Lures

Mark Rose and Strike King LuresEditor's Note: Strike King Pro Team member, 30-year old Mark Rose from Marianna, Arkansas, has competed professionally in bass fishing since 1999. He has participated in more than 150-major professional tournaments and has taken numerous top-20 positions, three, top-10 positions and two, top-five positions. In the last 16 months, Rose has fished in B.A.S.S, FLW, Wal-Mart BFL, Everstart and Ranger Millennium pro-fishing tournaments.

Question: What are your favorite lures, Mark, and when, where and how do you use them?

Answer: 1) The Strike King Pro Model bass jig is my favorite lure. I like to fish this jig with 20-pound-test line. I use this jig on a 7 1/2-foot flipping stick year-round. I can count on this bait to catch big fish. The bass jig imitates the bass's prey such as crawdads and bluegills. You can add a trailer to the end of the jig to resemble a shad, you can suspend this versatile jig, or you can fish it on the bottom. The black and blue jigs work the best for me.

Mark Rose and Strike King Lures2) Strike King Series 1 Crankbait is another favorite of mine. I fish this crankbait on 10- to 15-pound-test line. I fish with the chartreuse with a black back -- even though the crankbait comes in many other shad colors. You can fish this crankbait all year long on top of the water or 3- or 4-feet deep. I like to bounce this crankbait off logs and other structure. This wiggling crankbait even will attract a bass that doesn't feel hungry.

3) Strike King Pro Model spinner bait -- I like the 3/8- to 1/2-ounce Pro Model spinner bait in chartreuse and white or solid white. I fish this lure for bass throughout the year.

4) Strike King Series 4 crankbait -- I throw this crankbait a lot during the summer when bass are holding deep on points. I like the gray-ghost color on 10-pound-test line on a 7-foot cranking rod. I'll slowly fish points for bass during the summer.

5) Strike King's Buzzbait -- I like to use this buzzbait early in the mornings, during the spawn and post spawn and late in the evenings. I prefer to fish shad colors.

Question: Backwater areas are usually covered in timber and tree stumps. Give me three tactics for fishing backwater areas.

Mark Rose and Strike King LuresAnswer: First of all, in miles and miles of stump rows, you need to try to find something to differentiate one stump row from the other. Try to pinpoint a channel swing or deeper stumps, or shallower stumps, and let the weather conditions guide you. In hot weather, the fish may be suspended up on the stumps. You may try throwing a Strike King swimming jig around. If you feel like the fish are down on the bases of stumps, try throwing a tube or a Deep Series 6-crankbait out on the base of the stumps. If you feel like the fish are right up on top, throw a Spit-N-King. Try different things. Every stump isn't going to have bass at the same depth.

Question: If your tournament plans aren't working, how do you develop a backup plan?

Answer: In today's bass-fishing world more than ever before, you need to figure out a way to catch five bass keepers. I fall back on lures like Bitsy Tubes and Bitsy Bugs, smaller lures. With the pressure of more fishermen on each body of water, try going to a lighter line and using more finesse baits. You may need to go against what you believe will win the tournament. Simply, go looking for keeper bass around docks using little Bitsy Bugs. That is always a good fallback pattern.