The Bitsy Bug and Big Bass

Mike WurmEditor's Note: Mike Wurm of Hot Springs Arkansas, ranked sixth in the world by and one of the nation's leading pro fishermen, has been a part of Strike King's Pro Fishing Team for six years. This week, Wurm will tell us about a couple of times that he's been ready to throw in his rod and instead pulled out a Strike King product that saved the day.

Question: Tell me about a time that a Strike King lure saved your day of fishing.

Answer: Once when I was fishing an F.L.W. Tournament at Lake Murray, South Carolina, I won because of Strike King baits. Although I'd been catching fish on crankbaits all day, the crankbait started catching only small bass. I wasn't taking those big bass I really needed to win the tournament. So in a moment of near desperation, I picked up a 1/4-ounce Strike King Bitsy Bug and a green pumpkin trailer.

The Bitsy Bug is a small profile jig with a finesse hook in it. My favorite Bitsy Bug color is a green crawfish that I like to use any time the water is milky or a little off-color. I fish with this particular color because, if you'll notice, crawfish tend to be the same color as the water you find them in because they change colors to camouflage themselves.

Strike King Bitsy Bug JigQuestion: How did you know you needed to change baits?

Answer: I noticed the bass I was catching on crankbaits were not biting very aggressively. When I would reel the crankbait down and start my retrieve, I would have to stop the bait to get the bass to bite it. So I knew the fish wanted a slow presentation, but I just couldn't catch a big bass. I'd been fishing some points and saw some boat docks on the stretch of bank where I was fishing. When I got to the boat docks, I decided to start pitching the Bitsy Bug on some 8-pound-test line with a spinning rod.

At the first boat dock I came to, I caught a 6-pound largemouth that made my day. I credited it all to my 1/4-ounce Bitsy Bug. On the very next boat dock, I fished I caught a 4-pound largemouth on the Bitsy Bug. hose two fish enabled me to win the tournament. I was totally convinced I wouldn't have caught those bigger fish if I hadn't changed to the Bitsy Bug bait.

Question: Tell me a little more about this bait and why you chose it.

Mike WurmAnswer: The Bitsy Bug is really effective at any time of the year under almost any condition. But my favorite time of year to fish this bait is early spring before the water warms up, when the water temperature is in the 50s and has a little color in it, and when the bass are beginning to move up, looking for a place to spawn.

I like fishing the Bitsy Bug around boat docks, stumps and standing timber, especially when the bass are inactive. The bite is slow, and the bass are looking for a small compact bait they can eat with little effort.

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