Greg HackneyEditor's Note: Catching bass is much easier if you can find the bass to catch. The Strike King Pros in every tournament make finding the bass their number-one priority before they try catching them.

This week Greg Hackney, Mark Menendez, Denny Brauer, Shaw Grigsby and James Niggemeyer tell us the system that they go through to locate the bass before each tournament that they will try to catch. If you’ll listen to their tips and tactics, you’ll see the wisdom of the strategies they use when there’s thousands of dollars in prize money on the line. But more importantly, you’ll learn how to approach a lake, start looking for the bass, find them and put a strategy together to catch them.

A wise man once said, “Learning any sport, any craft or any business is really very simple. You just find the person who is the best at what you want to learn and do whatever they say.” The Strike King Pros and the Strike King web page are designed to help you be the best bass fisherman you can be. Listen and learn.

Part 1: Greg Hackney - How to Find Bass Before a Tournament

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