Mark RoseEditor’s Note: Mark Rose of Marianna, Arkansas, is a Strike King pro who fishes the FLW tournament circuit, along with George Cochran, another Strike King pro. Rose has broken into the $1 million club on the FLW circuit, having earned $1,036,776 in his career. His big break came on Pickwick Lake in 2010, when he picked-up $115,000 for his first-place win. Rose has been a consistent competitor on the FLW bass fishing tour.

Part 1: Mark Rose Is Glad to See Strike King Supporting the FLW

Mark RoseQuestion: Mark, what does it mean to you that Strike King has come onboard as an FLW sponsor?

Rose: Strike King Lure Company is such a great company, and they’ve been such a great sponsor of mine that I’m really glad to see them come onboard with the FLW. Strike King really cares about bass fishing, tournament bass fishing and bass fishermen. I think it’s great that Strike King has decided to help sponsor one of the biggest tournament trails in all of bass fishing. Strike King has always been a sponsor of mine. I support and fish the FLW, and I’m truly proud to see the marriage between the two.

Question: How have you done this year on the FLW tournament trail?

Mark roseRose: We’ve only had one tournament in 2011, at Florida’s Lake Okeechobee. This was the first open event. I finished 41st in that event, but I’m hoping to step it up a notch in the upcoming tournaments. But I still made it to the top 50.

Question: What lures have been important to you in your career fishing the FLW?

Rose: A lot of Strike King lures, but I’d say the Football Jig has been one of the most-significant, because that’s the lure I won with on Pickwick Lake. At the time, it was a relatively-new type of jig that not many people had seen or fished. It was a magic jig for me in that tournament. I’ve really become a big fan of the Football Jig. This jig is just another example of Strike King bringing new and better products to the market that help me earn a living for my family and compete as a professional fisherman.

Mark RoseAlthough we haven’t fished many tournaments this year on the FLW, I’m looking forward to fishing all the Rage lures. Of course, there are the new hard baits, the KVD 1.5 and the 2.5, which are two of the lures that Kevin VanDam used to win the 2011 Bassmaster Classic. I also like fishing the new Strike King Series 5XD. This fantastic new crankbait has the depth range of the Series 5 but the searching ability and the get-down-quick lip of the Series 6XD.

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