Roger StegallEditor’s Note: The great baseball pitcher and radio announcer of days gone by, Dizzy Dean, once said, “It ain’t bragging if you’ve done it.” For 2-consecutive weeks in May, 2011, Roger Stegall, a Strike King pro and guide on Pickwick Lake on the borders of Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama, averaged catching at least 100 bass a day with his clients. We wanted to know how he did that.

Day 1: Catch Bass Two at a Time with Roger Stegall

Roger StegallQuestion: Roger, how is bass fishing on Pickwick?

Stegall: Right now, at the end of May/first of June the fishing is about as good as it’s ever going to be. My clients and I are averaging catching from 50-100 bass a day or more. We’re catching a mixed bag of both largemouths and smallmouths.

Question: Why are you catching so-many fish right now at the end of May and the first of June?

Stegall: I believe that high water and cool temperatures have increased the number of fish we’re catching. We’ve had floodwater conditions five times this year at Pickwick Lake. Now the water level is about stabilized, and the water is clear enough that the bass can see the baits. Roger StegallToo, and the water temperature is making the bass feel very comfortable and aggressive, and the bass are really starting to school.

Question: How many places will you have to fish to catch 60-100 bass per day?

Stegall: Two or three at the most.

Question: On what kinds of spots are the bass holding?

Stegall: They’re holding on secondary ledges and points – almost any type of structure that’s off the bank that has a change in water depth. The bass seem to be holding from 5- to 13-feet deep.

Question: What do your clients say when they catch 60-100 bass in a day of fishing?

Stegall: They’re very happy. My client today had two bass on the same crankbait at the same time. Fishing with Roger StegallOne was a 3-pound largemouth, and the other was a 2-pound smallmouth. Yesterday, the same fellow from Virginia had two white bass on at the same time on the same lure, and then he had two largemouths on the same lure at the same time.Today, I had two largemouths on the same lure at the same time. In two days, we caught doubles on the same lure five times.

Question: On what crankbaits are you catching the bass?

Stegall: We’ve been catching them on a Strike King Series 5 XD and Series 6 XD. The colors we’re catching them on are pumpkinseed, sexy shad and chartreuse sexy shad.

Question: What’s the biggest one you’ve caught during this rally?

Roger StegallStegall: The biggest largemouth weighed 7 pounds. I forgot to say too that we’re catching them on a Strike King Premier Pro-Model double-willowleaf spinner bait with painted blades. I caught the 7-pound largemouth on that and had another bass on that would have weighed close to 10 pounds. The biggest smallmouth we’ve caught weighed about 5 pounds. To learn more about the bass Roger Stegall and his clients are catching and how they’re catching them, visit, or call (662) 433-3869.

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