Strike King Lure CompanyEditor’s Note:strong> Captain Kyle Jarreau, a guide for Shore Thing Charters based out of Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, is one of the finest chefs on the Upper Gulf Coast. He can turn a mess of speckled trout, redfish and flounder into cuisine that will have fishermen fighting for second helpings. This week, Jarreau will tell us how he fishes Strike King lures in salt water.

Part 1: Captain Kyle Jarreau Explains How, Where and When to Fish the Strike King Redfish Magic

Capt. Kyle JarreauQuestion: Kyle, how do you fish the Strike King Redfish Magic?

Jarreau: I prefer to fish the Redfish Magic along the edges of the grass in the marsh, using two-different types of retrieves. I like to pump the Redfish Magic, let it fall and then pump it up again. I’ve found this retrieve to be the most productive when the tide’s high, and there’s a little-more water for the Redfish Magic to fall.

On a low tide, I may be swimming the Redfish Magic in less than a foot of water, so that retrieve won’t work well. However, on a high tide, redfish and speckled trout will eat the Redfish Magic when it falls. I’ll also use a shallow-water tactic. I’ll cast-out the Redfish Magic and reel it slowly over a shell bottom or slow-roll it over the top of grass.

Fishing with Capt. Kyle JarreauQuestion: What color Strike King Glass Minnow do you put on the back of the Redfish Magic?

Jarreau: I prefer the electric-chicken-with-chartreuse-head-colored Glass Minnow, whether I’m fishing it the on the back of a Redfish Magic or a jighead. I don’t know why that color excites the fish, but I know it has chartreuse in it, and speckled trout and redfish like chartreuse colors. It also has an orange-pinkish color that may resemble a shrimp. Until fish can talk, I don’t guess we’ll ever know why they like one color over another.

Question: Shore Thing Charters has a lodge on Cat Island, one of the Barrier Islands on Mississippi’s Gulf Coast. What’s the best day of fishing you’ve had on Cat Island with the Redfish Magic?

Jarreau: In Mississippi, our limit on redfish is three per person. Fishing with Capt. Kyle JarreauI usually can catch a limit fairly quickly and then start catching and releasing redfish. I’ve had clients that have caught bull redfish that weigh 20- or 30-pounds each on the Redfish Magic. When my clients catch a fish that big, I like to sit back and watch them enjoy the fight.

Most of the time we’ll use 12-pound-test line and set the drags on our reels, so those big reds won’t break the lines when they attack the Redfish Magic. If we’ll be in redfish, we’ll change to 20-pound-test PowerPro line. But many times those bull reds will come from out of nowhere, and my clients will have to fight them on 12-pound-test line.

Fishing with Capt. Kyle JarreauQuestion: How many days a week do you fish?

Jarreau: I guide about 5 days a week. We start fishing in the spring and usually stop fishing around Thanksgiving.

To learn more about fishing in salt water, contact Captain Kyle Jarreau at Shore Thing Charters at (228)324-5990, or visit, or email him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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