Denny BrauerEditor’s Note: Strike King Pro Denny Brauer of Camdenton, Missouri, has been one of the most-successful professional bass fishermen for many years. Early in his professional fishing career, Brauer depended on his youth, endurance and strength to compete and win bass tournaments. But today, after a number of years of professional fishing, Brauer depends more on the tremendous database he’s acquired from bass fishing for many years to still compete and win bass tournaments, as proven by his win at the BASS Elite Series Tournament on the Arkansas River in April, 2011. Like the other Strike King pros, Brauer is involved in the research and the development of new Strike King products. This week, he’ll give us a review of Strike King’s new 2012 products and tell us what makes these products better than other products on the market today.

Part 1: Strike King Pro Denny Brauer Explains How Quality Sunglasses Can Help You Find and Catch More Bass

Denny BrauerQuestion: Denny, Strike King has new sunglasses in the company’s line this year. Most fishermen don’t think they need a new pair of Strike King sunglasses every year. What makes these sunglasses superior to any-other pair of sunglasses?

Brauer: Strike King’s sunglasses are important, because you need to be able to see to drive your boat and to see structure to fish. Fishermen rarely talk about sunglasses, even though they’re very important. Strike King has invested the research and the technology into making their sunglasses exactly what fishermen need.

Question: What makes Strike King sunglasses good, and why are they necessary for fishermen?

Brauer: We need sunglasses for protection from the sun and other things that fly at our faces when running up and down a lake at 70-miles per hour. If you get a bug in your eye, you not only may have serious damage to that eye, but that one tiny bug can prevent you from seeing and catching bass. With Strike King sunglasses, you also protect your eyes from flying objects when you’re fishing. If you hard-set on a bass when it strikes, and the bass misses the lure, you’re applying a tremendous amount of force to the rod and the line. And, some of that force will cause the lure or the lead to come right back toward your face. So, you need that eye protection.

My Strike King sunglasses have saved me from a lot of injury and hurt, especially when I’ve got a bass up-close to the boat and it jumps and throws the lure, causing two or three sets of treble hooks to come right at my face. Denny BrauerWithout eye protection, I will be hurt. Strike King feels that eye protection is important and that every fisherman should be wearing a pair of sunglasses. Strike King produces these glasses at a wide range of prices. The new sunglasses from Strike King are awesome.

Question: What makes the new ones so great?

Brauer: They have very-sturdy frames, making them ideal eye protection when you’re running your boat flat-out down the lake. The air comes around the glasses and doesn’t get under the glasses to pop them off your head. They also block-out the harmful rays of the sun and allow you to see well, even on the brightest day. You can have the best sunglasses in the world, but if the frames aren’t designed correctly, light can get behind the frames and create a problem when you try to look through the lenses. Also, Strike King has developed different-colored lenses to be used in various light situations and water clarity. Fishermen know that specific lure colors look better to the bass under certain water and weather conditions. We often choose the colors of lures we fish, depending on the water and the weather conditions, so the bass can see the lures better. If we’re creating certain colors on our lures to increase the bass’s ability to see those lures, we also should wear different-color lenses to match the water and the weather conditions, so that we can see better.

Question: Which model of sunglasses do you wear and why?

Brauer: I wear several-different models, but the Strike King sunglasses I wear the most are the Strike King Plus SG-SKPO9 Polarized Sunglasses with APT Lens Technology. I fished with these sunglasses the entire tournament season. However, if I’m sight-fishing for bass, I prefer amber-colored lens like the SG-SKP10 sunglasses. Denny BrauerWhen I want to look cool, coming to the weigh-in, I wear a mirrored lens, like the SG-SKP06 sunglasses. Strike King has four new models this year that I’ve just ordered. They have grey and amber lenses. With these new introductions, Strike King has developed specific styles of sunglasses to best-fit different head shapes and to better-match various fishing conditions.

Question: When do you wear amber- and grey-colored sunglasses?

Brauer: I wear the amber- or the bronze-colored sunglasses when I’m bass fishing. I also use them on cloudy days, because they help brighten-up the places where I search for bass. On an overcast day, grey-colored lenses make the day look darker, whereas amber-colored lenses help to make everything look brighter. I also use the amber-colored glasses early in the morning at take-off, when the sun hasn’t yet risen. I’ve found that I get more visibility with those amber-colored lenses than I do with the grey-colored lenses. About 8:00 am or 9:00 am, when the sun’s brighter, I’ll change to the grey-colored lenses.

Question: When have the Strike King sunglasses made a difference in the number of bass you’ve caught in a day?

Brauer: A number of times. For instance, when I find bass on isolated targets, and I try to pick a piece of cover apart and search for places to fish that no one else has fished, many of these places are under the surface. With the naked eye, all you’ll see is a shadow or a dark spot. But with my Strike King sunglasses, I can see under the water and better know where I need to put my lures.

Denny BrauerOne of the keys for successful bass fishing is the ability to see a target in or near cover when you want to place your lure in exactly one spot. If you can’t see that target, regardless of how well you cast, you still won’t get your lure where it needs to be. So, having my Strike King sunglasses has been a tremendous advantage for me to cast more accurately and to be able to put my lures where I think the bass are more likely to bite. Being able to put a lure in or around those subtle targets that other anglers miss is my strong suit and has been for years. Without quality Strike King sunglasses, I won’t be nearly as efficient as I can be at finding and catching bass.

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