2023 New Products


With every new fishing technique and every new lure innovation, one thing remains the same – Strike King’s uncompromising commitment to offering you the very best. Whether you’re fishing for fun or competing in tournaments against the best in the world, Strike King will lead the way. Introducing the 2022 line-up, designed and tested by Strike King Pros to deliver time and time again. 


Hard Baits




Striking the optimal balance of spitting, chugging, and walking, the Bitsy Splash emulates all of the same topwater actions as the KVD Splash in a smaller profile. Enticing topwater strikes, the Bitsy Splash secures attention from highly pressured fish. Bitsy Splash is a great light tackle offering, coming equipped with a feathered rear treble hook, hyper-realistic paint application, 3D eyes, and premium components.


  •  2" in length
  • Same action as the original
  •  Feather enhance rear treble feather
  •  3D eyes
  •  Ultra-realistic paint jobs
  •  Strike-inducing action
Bitsy Splash


KVD Elite 300 Deep

The KVD Elite 300 Deep Jerkbait is tournament ready right out of the package with upgraded Mustad Triple Grip hooks and premium paint finishes. Maintaining the action of the original, the KVD Elite 300 Deep Jerkbait has an unmistakbale erratic action with an impressive weight-transfer system, but also allows anglers to achieve depths many jerkbaits can't. Watch it sink down on your forward facing sonar until it gets to the depth you desire, then start ripping it back to the boat and watch the fish go crazy.


  •  Tournament ready right out of the box
  • Mustad Triple Grip hooks
  •  Weighted to sink
  •  Meant for LiveScope fishing
KVD elite 300 deep jerkbait


Gravel Dawg

Delivering a wide wobble action in a bite-sized, 1.5 profile, Strike King's Gravel Dawg 10 grinds through rock, wood, and grass better than any medium-diving crankbait in its class. Strike King pros Todd Castledine and Kevin VanDam worked diligently to design the ideal, “go to” crankbait for anglers across the country. The Gravel Dawg 10 features new craw patterns in addition to some of Strike King's most famous colors.


  • 10-feet diving depth

  • 1/2 oz

  •  Wide wobble with exceptional hunting action

  •  Short shank treble hook

  •  Exclusive craw colors

Gravel Dawg


Soft Baits



Rage Hawk 

Rage Hawk is 2.75” and features a super compact profile, with two Rage arms extending from the side of the bait. It is able to fit up to a 5/0 hook in its smaller body style, increasing hook up ratios and presenting fish with the perfect, snack-sized bite for finicky bass. “The Rage Hawk is an awesome option for when you're getting a lot of short strikes or just want to show them something different,” says Andy Montgomery, MLF Bass Pro Professional Angler.


  •  2.75" in length
  •  Unique craw-shaped and compact profile
  •  Built for a 5/0 hook
  •  Designed for bed fishing
  •  Patented Rage action
Rage Hawk


Mr. Crappie Maxie Waxie

The Maxie Waxie looks unassuming, but definitely packs a punch. This bait is a small, grub shaped bait with two strands of rubber through the center to create a very realistic insect profile. The best way to fish the Maxie Waxie is on a 1/64 oz. Teen-Zee Sausage Head Jig under a cork. Small but mighty, the Maxie Waxie is deadly for a variety of species.


  • 3/4" in length
  • Rubber strands for added action
  •  Best fished on a 1/64 oz Teen-Zee Sausage Head Jig
  •  Hand chosen design and colors by Wally Marshall
Maxie Waxie


Mr. Crappie Sugar Glider

The Sugar Glider uses Mr. Crappie’s signature shad pole style body, but is unique because of its wings. (Or “wangs” if you’re Wally.) Because of the wings, the bait is able to accomplish a fluttering or gliding movement when shooting under a dock. Another unique feature is extruded square tail, causing a wiggle even when the bait is still.


  •  1.5" in length
  •  Unique wings for seamless gliding action
  •  Extruded square tail for effortless action
  •  Tremendously soft plastic material
Sugar Glider




Mr. Crappie Teen-Zee Jig

Shrinking Mr. Crappie’s popular sausage head, the Teen-Zee Sausage Head Jig is optimized for use with small plastics. It features small gold hooks and eliminates the bait keeper to preserve the integrity and quality of soft plastics.


  • New Mr. Crappie colors in addition to the originals
  • Available in 1/64 oz with 10 size hook
  • Available in 1/32 oz with 8 size hook
  • Available in 1/16 oz with 6 size hook
Shoo Shiner

Tidal Shrimp

Strike King’s Tidal Shrimp has been reimagined to increase durability and performance. Featuring a firmer material than standard plastics and mesh overlay on the tail, the new Tidal Shrimp is built to withstand the wrath of vicious saltwater predators. Available in eight colors, this shrimp is pre-rigged with a ¼ oz jig head. Rig it with the line-tie coming out of the head of a shrimp for a more traditional style or switch the eyelet of the jig head to the center of the shrimp to achieve a more natural action of the shrimp fleeing from a predator.


  • 3" in length
  • Pre rigged with 1/4 oz jig head
  • Mesh tail for durability
  • Unique top sided slotted tail design to emulate a fleeing shrimp
  • Multiple rigging options
Tidal shrimp




Poppin' Cork

Designed by Strike King Saltwater Pro Mike Frenette, the new Poppin’ Cork creates an insane bubble trail and releases a distinctive sound due to the six holes drilled through the cork, enabling water and air to get trapped as it passes through. The Poppin’ Cork also features a weight on the wire for balance and two large beads to give off a “clacking” sound to attract predators from great distances.


  • 3" in length
  • Innovative design with unique holes that create an incredible bubble trail
  • Designed by Saltwater Pro Mike Frenette
  • Tour Grade components
Poppin Cork


Ploppin' Cork

The Ploppin’ Cork brings innovation to the saltwater category by producing a unique “plopping” action with an exclusive double-winged section that emits an incredible disturbance on the surface of the water. This lure is premium from top to bottom with high-quality wire and an extremely loud rattle system that’ll draw fish in from a distance. “I’ve been working to develop the Ploppin’ Cork for a long time, and it is easily the best on the market. I am so excited to share the results with our customers,” says Mike Frenette, Strike King pro saltwater angler and guide/owner of Redfish Lodge of Louisiana.


  • 1.5 oz
  • Internal rattles
  • Unique "wings" that create unmatched action
Ploppin Cork


S11 Optics

Strike King’s new Spotlight Yellow lenses are the absolute #1 pick among our Strike King Pro Staff during the entire year. S11 polarization with the yellow mirror finish work together to function as a “spotlight” for anglers to see further beneath the water than any other lens color. These lenses are extremely impactful when fishing in low light conditions, whether early in the morning, late in the evening, or during cloudy afternoons. The Spotlight Yellow bi-gradient lens is available in two frame colors, matte gray or matte black, and in 4 different frame styles – Pickwick, Okeechobee, Caddo, and the new Eutaw. The solid, matte-colored frames assist in blocking out outside light and glare, enhancing the effectiveness of the glasses.


  • Bi-gradient yellow lens for high visibility in low-light conditions
  • S11 Optics lens with polarized yellow mirror finish
  • Matte gray and matte black available in 4 frame styles – Pickwick, Okeechobee, Caddo, and the new Eutaw
S11 Optics