Soft Baits

NEW FOR 2023

With every new fishing technique and every new lure innovation, one thing remains the same – Strike King’s uncompromising commitment to offering you the very best. Whether you’re fishing for fun or competing in tournaments against the best in the world, Strike King will lead the way. Introducing the 2023 line-up, designed and tested by Strike King Pros to deliver time and time again. 

Rage Scounbug

The Strike King Rage Scounbug is a compact, 3.5” crawfish imitation lure that is built with two Rage Flange pincers that wiggle and swim, imparting a life-like, natural action and six legs for a realistic crawfish appearance. This lure is offered in 14 colors. This junior sized crustation is the runt of the Rage Tail line-up, but it has enough attitude and enough moves to excel as a jig trailer, on a jighead, Texas rigged, Carolina rigged…on-and-on the list goes. The unmistakable Rage Tail pincers simply move like no other. Its versatility is remarkable, and its action is unmistakable


  • SWIMS JUST RIGHT: The Strike King Rage Scounbug is a compact, 3.5-inch crawfish imitator with vibrant, fast-moving Rage Flange pincers and eight appendages for superior swimming and crawling action.

  • VERSATILITY: The slim body design of the Strike King Rage Scounbug makes the bait ideal for use as a finesse jig trailer when seeking a tighter, more compact profile, or for heavier jigs when a faster rate of fall is required.

  • EASY RIGGING: For exceptional performance, hook the Strike King Rage Scounbug in a Texas rig style for a weedless presentation or use on a finesse jig head.

  • LIFE-LIKE DESIGN: The Strike King Rage Scounbug is ideal for casting or pitching around heavy cover or rock, where fish are feeding on prey near the bottom, and can also be fished through vegetation. The Rage Scounbug possesses enough legs to dance and wiggle its way through cover with enticing and unique action.

  • MULTIPLE COLORS: Strike King offers the Rage Scounbug in 14 enticing colors that mimic natural prey. Fish natural lifelike colors when fishing clear water, and choose darker colors for fishing low light conditions or in stained water.