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December Zone 3 with Mark Menendez


Zone 3 – December

Strike King pro Mark Menendez finds December to be one of the best times to fish in Zone 3.

“The falling water temperature will dictate the location of bass, with mainlake being the most preferred area,” shares Menendez.


Strike King KVD 1.5
Strike King Baby Burner Spinnerbait


BAIT 1: Strike King Baby Burner Spinnerbait


If the water is clear, Menendez prefers the Blue Shad. In stained water, he switches to the White. For muddy water, Menendez will favor a Chartreuse White.

A great choice for clear water scenarios, the Strike King Baby Burner Spinnerbait is a premium, down-sized spinnerbait with a thin-cut willow blade design to spin faster and cause less drag than traditional willow blades.


Strike King Swinging Sugar Buzz
Strike King Pro Model Series 3 Crankbait


BAIT 2: Strike King Pro Model Series 3 Crankbait

Menendez’s choice for clear water is the Chartreuse Sexy Shad, while he opts for Sexy Shad if the water is stained. In muddy water, Menendez reaches for a Chili Craw.

A small-bodied deep diver, the Series 3 is designed to enhance castability, thus reaching maximum depths.

Strike King Tour Grade Spinnerbait
KVD Dream Shot


BAIT 3: Strike King KVD Dream Shot


He opts for the Candy Craw in clear water, and switches to a Green Pumpkin Purple Swirl if the water is stained.

Extremely lifelike feel and action – a deadly choice for any dropshot rig, the KVD Dream Shot softbait gives you the dropshotter's version of the popular Strike King Caffeine Shad.

Strike King 3/8 Thunder Cricket Vibrating Jig
Strike King Z-Too


BAIT 4: Strike King Z-Too

Menendez sticks with a Pearl in clear, stained, and muddy water.

The Strike King Z-Too jerkbait answers the needs of the small circle of anglers who want a smaller presentation than the standard jekrbait. Z-Too floats higher, is more flexible (translation: it has a killer shimmy), and is far more durable.

Sexy Dawg Hard Knock
Strike King Rage Tail Grub


BAIT 5: Strike King Rage Tail Grub

He opts for Pearl in clear water. If the water is stained or muddy, he will throw the Pearl Chartreuse.

The Rage Tail Grub features a unique and exclusive tail design is engineered like no other soft plastic bait for superior performance and lifelike presentations.