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January Zone 1 with Dakota Ebare and Greg Hackney


Zone 1 – January

Strike King pro Dakota Ebare expects the water temperature to play a huge role in fishing conditions in Zone 1 in January.

“Winter water temperatures in the 55- to 65-degree range will be a big factor in fishing conditions,” shares Ebare. Ebare foresees a normal winter pattern in Zone 1 during January. “I expect a typical winter pattern where fish will be relating to drains, depressions, and the vegetation or cover that surrounds those areas,” explains Ebare.


1/2-3/4 oz Denny Brauer Structure Jig
Red Eyed Shad


BAIT 1: Strike King Red Eyed Shad

If the water is clear, Ebare prefers the Chrome Blue Red Eyed Shad. Whether he’s fishing in stained water or muddy water, Ebare will favor a Rayburn Red Craw.

Ebare favors this crankbait because of its efficiency in covering shallow flats while also being great around rocks and other structure.

Strike King KVD J300


BAIT 2: Strike King KVD J300


Ebare’s choice for clear water is the KVD J300 Pro Blue, while he opts for Chartreuse Sexy Shad if the water is stained. In muddy water, Ebare opts for the Pro Bone.

Diving up to 7-feet, the KVD J300 has great castability, 3D eyes, and premium black nickel hooks for lethal action. Anglers from coast to coast keep the J300 on the boat deck this time of year.

KVD Sexy Dawg Topwater
Tour Grade Skipping Jig


BAIT 3: Strike King Tour Grade Skipping Jig with Rodent trailer


He opts for the Green Pumpkin Tour Grade Skipping Jig in clear water, and switches to a Black Blue if the water is stained.

Designed for skipping under docks, the Tour Grade Skipping Jig has a uniquely shaped head with strong Gamakatsu hooks for solid hooksets. The Rodent trailer is extremely flat for efficient skipping and easy maneuvering through vegetation. 


Strike King 5XD

BAIT 4: Strike King 5XD

If the water is clear, he will throw a Chartreuse Sexy Shad, while stained and muddy water call for a Chartreuse Blue Back Splatter. 

The curved bill of the 5XD causes faster and deeper dives, making it a top choice in Ebare’s line up.

Strike King Rage Swimmer
Strike King Tour Grade Spinnerbait


BAIT 5: Strike King Tour Grade Spinnerbait

He opts for Mouse in clear water. If the water is stained, he will throw the White, while he will switch to a Chartreuse/White if the water is muddy.

A proven go-to bait in the fall and winter months, the Tour Grade Spinnerbait can be fished at virtually any depth and any speed.