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January Zone 2 with Keith Combs and Todd Faircloth


Zone 2 – January 

Strike King pro Keith Combs highlights the typical water conditions in Zone 2 during the month of January.

“The water will be cold and stained with temperatures in the mid-50s,” shares Combs. “I recommend fishing in submerged grass or rock to find the most bass this month,” concludes Combs.


KVD 1.5
Strike King Thunder Cricket Vibrating Jig


BAIT 1: Strike King ½ oz Thunder Cricket Vibrating Jig with Blade Minnow trailer

If the water is clear, Combs prefers the Chartreuse Blue Glimmer. In stained water, he switches to the Green Pumpkin. For muddy water, Combs will favor a Fire Craw.

An ideal choice when fish are chasing baitfish around vegetation. The Blade Minnow trailer allows efficient movement through grass.



Skip'n Buzz
STRIKE KING ½ oz Red Eyed Shad Tungsten 2-Tap


BAIT 2: Strike King ½ oz Red Eyed Shad Tungsten 2-Tap

His choice for clear water and stained water is the TN Shad, while he opts for Rayburn Red Craw if the water is muddy.

While the Red Eyed Shad is already one of the most popular rattlebaits available, the Tungsten 2-Tap elevated this crankbait to the next level. Emitting more noise and vibration than the original, the Red Eyed Shad Tungsten 2-Tap is a guaranteed choice on Combs’ boat deck for cold-weather fishing.

2.5 Squarebill
Strike King 1.5 Squarebill

BAIT 3: Strike King 1.5 Squarebill

He opts for the Tn Shad 2.0 in clear water, and switches to a Chili Craw if the water is stained.

The KVD 1.5 is perfect for shallow water, power fishing. The squarebill design and unique “hunting” action will constantly emit erratic movement while still running true.


Thunder Cricket Vibrating Jig
Strike King Chick Magnet


BAIT 4: Strike King Chick Magnet


If the water is clear, he will throw a Green Gizzard, while more stained water calls for a Natural Shad. In muddy conditions, Combs chooses the Fire Craw.

The Chick Magnet is one of the best options for flat sided crankbaits on the market. The flat size allows for incredible thump while maintaining a tight action. Combs loves that this bait reaches the perfect depth with ease and deflects off of cover to draw reaction bites.

Tour Grade Skipping Jig
Strike King Hack Attack Flipping Jig

BAIT 5: Strike King Hack Attack Flipping Jig with Scounbug trailer

He opts for Candy Craw Flipping Jig with Summer Craw Scounbug trailer in clear water. If the water is stained, he will throw the OkeeChoBee Craw Flipping Jig and Scounbug, while he will switch to a Black Blue Flipping Jig and Scounbug if the water is muddy.

Designed to be fishing in and around the heaviest cover, the Hack Attack Flipping Jig has a heavy weed guard and is best used on heavy rods with high pound line.