May Zone 5

Zone 5 – May

Bass are starting to spawn in Zone 5 and Strike King pro Jay Przekurat has a couple of suggestions for anglers looking to catch big bass in May.

With rising water temperatures, bass are looking for the best places to spawn. “First, this is the prime time for bass to start spawning. The water temps are getting in the upper 50's to mid-60's and they are ready to hit the beds,” Przekurat says. “Another thing that will be going on is pre-spawn fish still pulling up out of deep water,” adds Przekurat. With bass on the move, Przekurat has a few key places that he recommends anglers hit first when fishing in Zone 5. “Backs of pockets and anywhere that is out of the current and or around hard bottom are great places for bass to spawn and feel comfortable,” shares Przekurat.

Ocho 4"
Ocho 4"

BAIT 1: Strike King KVD Perfect Plastics 4" Ocho

If the water is clear, Przekurat prefers the Green Pumpkin. In stained water, he switches to the Black Blue Flake. For muddy water, he will favor a Blue Craw.

The Strike King KVD Perfect Plastics Ocho has smooth, beveled sides to reflect light in different directions, creating a flash unlike any other soft bait. Ocho also has a slow sink rate and is versatile, but ideal for jerkbaiting and wacky rigging.

Mid-Size Rage Bug
Mid-Size Rage Bug

BAIT 2: Strike King Mid-Size Rage Bug

Przekurat’s choice for all water conditions is Pearl for the Mid-Size Rage Bug.

Crafted to be the ultimate flip bait, the unique streamlined shape of the body allows it to easily move through cover with an unmistakable crawfish glide.

Fat Baby Finesse Worm
Fat Baby Finesse Worm

BAIT 3: Strike King Fat Baby Finesse Worm

He opts for the Green Pumpkin in clear water, and switches to a Blue Fleck if the water is stained.

With a slightly larger body size than the original, Strike King’s Fat Baby Finesse Worm is perfect for shakey head, and the oversized presentation pairs perfectly with larger tackle.

KVD Supa Fry
KVD Supa Fry

BAIT 4: Strike King KVD Supa Fry

If the water is clear, he will throw a Blue Craw, while more stained water calls for a June Bug. In muddy conditions, Przekurat will choose Triple Magic.

When bites are hard to come by, go retro with a Strike King KVD Supa Fry. Its classic shape has accounted for countless limits over the years – but now the Strike King pros have updated this venerable finesse bait to make it even deadlier.

KVD Half Shell
KVD Perfect Plastics Half Shell

BAIT 5: Strike King KVD Perfect Plastics Half Shell

He opts for Green Pumpkin Purple in clear water. If the water is stained, he will throw the Triple Magic, while he will switch to a Green Pumpkin if the water is muddy.

This eye-catching, large-bodied drop-shot lure features a bulky profile and irresistible erratic darting action while a flat bottom keeps the half-shell horizontal. The Strike King KVD Perfect Plastics Drop Shot Half Shell includes a distinctive laminate and Open Pour Technology finish for long lasting, fish hooking performance.



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