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With each advancement in fishing techniques and lure innovations, one constant endures – Strike King’s unwavering dedication to providing excellence. Whether you fish for leisure or compete professionally, Strike King continues to set the standard. Presenting the latest lineup, crafted and tested by Strike King Pros for consistent performance.


Hard Baits




Accurately emulating panic-stricken baitfish, Strike King’s Evader is the small profile, hyper-effective topwater bait that you need in your line up. The metal lip design encourages the Evader to remain at the surface while also adding a bit of extra flash to entice powerful strikes. Great castability and a realistic swimming action elevate the Evader’s performance beyond that of a traditional style topwater bait, and the premium treble hooks are super sticky for keeping fish pegged.


  • RISES TO SURFACE consistently for great topwater action
  • PREMIUM TREBLE HOOKS are extremely sharp to keep fish pegged
  • EYE CATCHING COLORS match any fishing conditions
  • METAL LIP keeps bait on the surface and adds flash
  • INCREDIBLE CASTABILITY despite small profile
Evader bait



If you’re looking for action that will trick any bass into biting, look no further than the Strike King Hardliner. This flatsided crankbait feels like an old, familiar favorite with a fresh appearance and an undeniably irresistible, tight wobble that bass can’t resist. The Hardliner dives 5- to 7-feet with excellent castability and a circuit board lip for added durability. Available in a selection of successful, pro-chosen colors and outfitted with exceptionally hooks for secure penetration, Strike King’s Hardliner is sure to lure in bites from even the most highly pressured fish.



  • PRO-CHOSEN COLORS for a variety of hues that have proven to be successful
  • EXCEPTIONAL HOOKS that are ultra-sharp for secure hook penetration
  • FAMILIAR FAVORITE with a new look
  • DIVES 5- to 7-feet
  • EXCELLENT CASTABILITY to reach specific targets despite conditions
  • CIRCUIT BOARD LIP for added durability
Hardliner Crankbait
Black line


Wake Shad  

A classic makes its comeback – Strike King’s tried and true Wake Shad returns with a vengeance. Strike King pioneered the introduction of the jointed wake-style bait innovation to the market, leading with the original Wake Shad. This timeless bait not only retains its cherished status among lure collectors but also remains a coveted "secret weapon" in the arsenals of anglers everywhere. Unleash the power of the updated Wake Shad – your ultimate topwater weapon, regardless of retrieval speed. The jointed design of the Wake Shad has great castability and is hand tuned to run true while emitting a noticeable disturbance at the surface for enhanced visibility. Each Wake Shad is hand painted in premium colors carefully chosen by Strike King pros to excel in diverse water conditions, and high-quality hooks promise solid and reliable hookups. Induce explosive strikes from any depth with the Strike King Wake Shad.


  • JOINTED WAKE BAIT DESIGN attract fish from any depth for explosive strikes
  • PREMIUM COLORS are carefully chosen by Strike King pros to excel in diverse water conditions
  • HAND TUNED AND HAND PAINTED to run true and give off a realistic presentation
  • HIGH-QUALITY HOOKS promise solid and reliable hookups
  • INCREASED CASTABILITY for far casting, with Wake Shad finding success with any retrieval rate


Soft Baits



 Rage Buzz Minnow  

Erratic action with next level durability, Strike King’s Rage Buzz Minnow is a high-performing, soft plastic topwater lure that is tough and maintains its integrity, bite after bite, without affecting hook up ratio. The unique shape gives off a distinct noise and vibration at the surface of the water for drawing in violent strikes from high-pressured bass. The Rage Buzz Minnow also has great castability and is available in a wide selection of colors to match any situation.


  • TOUGH, YET PLIABLE for durability without sacrificing hookup ratio
  • GREAT COLOR selection proven to be highly successful
  • LOUD SOUNDING TOPWATER for producing intense strikes
  • GREAT CASTABILITY for targeting specific distances
Rage Buzz Minnow
Black line


Homing Minnow

Stay in the strike zone longer with Strike King’s Homing Minnow, the ultimate paddle tail swimbait needed on every boat deck. The hyper-realistic minnow profile stands out vividly on live sonar, enabling anglers to keep the bait within the water column and presenting ample opportunities to be devoured by hungry bass. A 90-degree line tie keeps the Homing Minnow level when covering water for a more realistic swimming action. The Homing Minnow is ¼ oz. with incredible castability and comes pre-rigged with an ultra-sharp 2/0 hook for deep penetration and secure hooksets. Don’t settle for less – pick up Strike King’s Homing Minnow today.


  •  PRERIGGED BAIT maintains integrity catch after catch
  • 2/0 HOOK is exceptionally strong and sharp for deep penetration
  • 90-DEGREE LINE TIE enables an awesome, horizontal swimming action
  • HYPER-REALISTIC MINNOW PROFILE stands out vividly on live sonar for effortless depth control
  • BOASTS VERSATILITY, excelling both on live sonar and with cast and retrieve techniques
Homing Minnow


Final Copy

Strike King’s Final Copy Swimbait is an overachiever that boasts durability and versatility. The Final Copy has a magnetic, internal harness that is imbedded within the swimbait to ensure longevity and resistance to tears and rips in the soft plastic for long-lasting performance and has uniquely placed loops for multiple rigging options. The distinct shape of the Final Copy allows the swimbait to excel during high-speed retrieves and even weight distribution maintains balance to run true under all circumstances. Paired with a free-swinging, premium treble hook and available in premium Strike King colors to match-the-hatch, the Final Copy Swimbait elevates a familiar classic to a new level.


  • SOFT BODY SWIMBAIT that produces realistic action for more strikes
  • PREMIUM COLOR selection for success under all conditions
  • INTERNAL HARNESS is magnetic and ensures durability and longevity
  • EVEN WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION maintains balance to run true under all circumstances
  • PREMIUM TREBLE HOOK is ultra-sharp and strong for secure hooksets




Tour Grade FluoroSpin 

A tried and true, old school bait with new school bells and whistles, Strike King’s Tour Grade FluoroSpin is the “fishin’ and catchin’” lure you know and love with a unique, new design. The fluorocarbon line tie allows for heightened spin and increased blade movement, and the flexibility of the fluorocarbon allows for better hook ups because of its ability to collapse in the fish’s mouth. The new design of FluoroSpin also features a hybrid, 4-pronged lure keeper, perfect for ElazTech® baits and other soft plastics. This finesse lure is ideal for winter and cold-water fishing but is extremely effective during any time of the year.


  •  FLUOROCARBON LINE TIE is one of a kind and attaches the premium willow leaf blade to the jig head
  • 4-PRONGED LURE KEEPER is perfect for keeping ElazTech® baits and other soft plastics secured
  • HIGH-QUALITY HOOK is very sharp and exceptionally strong
  • DURABLE FINISH keeps the jig head protected and looking new for the life of the bait
  • STAINLESS STEEL TOUR GRADE SWIVEL helps blade spin effortlessly
Fluoro Spin