Strike King TV


The genesis of the KoB TV concept was to establish a home for premium digital video content to promote our key pro anglers, our brands and the fishing lifestyle we’re all so passionate about.

From the legacy pro team journal series—which showcases our top pros sharing tactics and techniques while fishing a variety of locations and seasons throughout the U.S.; to the more intimate, “behind the curtain” viewpoint offered by the Kings of Bass series—the goal was to offer both educational content & entertainment via premium video content.

2022 was the birth of KoB TV—and produced over 1.2 million views within the first 9 months. For 2023, we are redoubling our efforts to continue the momentum behind the growth of KoB TV—with exciting new content & a focus on continued evolution both in the types of content offered—as well as the quality of the experience overall.


Pro Team Journal

Since its inception in 2003, Pro Team Journal has been a household staple in fishing television—putting the viewer “on the water” with top pro anglers.

Featuring some of the top names in angling—PTJ’s path forward is to provide the viewer insights into what drives our team of top pros—and strikes a balance delivering content that both entertains & informs— allowing the viewer to learn from a team of among the most reputable anglers in the game.

Taking place on some of the most historic bass factories in the us, the PTJ series aims to educate viewers with timely, seasonally-based episodes focusing on specific lures and techniques.

Pro Team Journal is where you learn how the pros get it done! We follow anglers around the country as they chase the next big catch with Strike King baits. One of the most popular fishing shows around, PTJ has been airing and streaming for years. Catch it on a sports channel or online to see Strike King pros like Mark Zona, Bill McDonald, Todd Castledine, and more fish their hearts out.


Kings of Bass

For four seasons now, Kings of Bass has given viewers a behind-the- scenes glimpse into the lives of top anglers as they traverse the MLF Bass Pro Tour & Bassmaster Elite tournament trails.

Life on tour

From the cab of a truck on a 12-hour run, a peak behind the scenes of what goes into producing live coverage of Bassmaster Live —to the breakfast table on tournament day—KOB provides an intimate view of the “real life” of top pro anglers.


Head-to-head will keep the audience on the edge of their seat by adding one of the most intriguing elements of bass fishing—competition. Pitting some of the sport’s top anglers against each other, these episodes are sure to bring an exciting new element to KOB fans and new audiences.

Home life

Giving the viewer an even deeper dive into the life of pros “back home” during the off-season, KOB: home life episodes have consistently been a fan favorite of the KOB audience.

The Kings of Bass series follows Strike King pros as they compete in tournaments, spend time with their friends and families, and experience all life has to offer as professional anglers. The first season followed Greg Hackney, Andy Montgomery, Mark Rose, Jeff Sprague, and Kevin VanDam as they competed on the BASS Pro Tour. 

Kings of Bass Next Gen is a new series where we follow the future stars of the sport of bass fishing.

The life of a professional angler goes well beyond competition. Introducing Homelife - a brand new series featuring our favorite 'Kings of Bass' anglers giving an intimate look at their lives off the water, surrounded by the people and places that inspire them to be their best.


Next Level

Next Level was created with one goal in mind – building a library of pro-driven tips and techniques that provide at wealth of information right at the fingertips of passionate anglers with a desire to take their game to the next level. 

Elevate your angling with tips and tricks from the nation's top professional anglers. From bait comparisons and tackle preferences to mastering specific techniques, we've got the insight to take your skills to the NEXT LEVEL.