B.A.S.S. Elites

Mark Menendez

Professional bass angler since 1991

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Hometown: Paducah, Kentucky
Home Lake: Kentucky Lake
Favorite Lake: Lake Martin
Angling Hero: Rick Clunn
Hobbies: Hunting, tennis and exercising 

There are few bass fishing professionals on the national scene like Mark Menendez. For certain, each one of the anglers that competes on the sport’s grandest stages work to promote their sponsors, but Menendez always seems to go the extra mile.

On the water, the 47 year old Paducah, Kentucky angler has spent the past 17 years earning the reputation of a warrior on tour. His career earnings of more than $1,000,000 earnings along with success in individual tournaments and season long point standings are testament to his passion and skill for competition.

While he thrives on the competition, Menendez has also proven himself to be an extremely capable promoter and communicator.  He works tirelessly to remain available for public appearances, both large and small, for outdoor writers, photographers, as well as radio and television hosts. That effort means that Menendez and his sponsors will be visible to millions of consumers each year.

Menendez is a fan favorite wherever he goes, for many reasons.  One of them is the fact that he has a continual willingness to remain available to them, but also because he is a family man who lends people that they too could reach their goals.

Menendez and his wife Donna, share their Paducah home with their son Max and daughter Caroline. He is also known to bring his trusty companion Barkley, a yellow lab, with him on tour, all things which have endeared him to fans across the country.

Those fans make up the legions of individuals who look to him for advice, counsel and recommendation when it comes time to chase their quarry. His visibility translates to credible brand awareness to the average consumer looking to invest their discretionary income in pursuit of their hobby.

All of these features combine to construct a family man, a Bassmaster Elite Series angler, a promoter and communicator; allow us to introduce to you Mark Menendez, professional angler.